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Fisherman wearing waders stands in the Rangá River as he casts his rod.

Current Travel Restrictions in Iceland (Covid-19 February 2022)

We are delighted to inform you that all travel restrictions have been lifted in Iceland as well as at the border. More information can be found here.
The African Suite at Hotel Rangá
The African Suite at Hotel Rangá. A photo by Ása Steinarsdóttir.

We are delighted to inform you that all travel restrictions have been lifted in Iceland as well as at the border.
More information can be found here.

Welcome to Iceland!


After over a year of lockdowns and restrictions, we know that travelers from around the world are itching to explore. Below, we walk through the current travel restrictions in Iceland and some of the key things you need to know when deciding whether to make Iceland your first post-lockdown destination.

What Are the Current Travel Restrictions in Iceland (Covid-19 January 2022)?

Iceland’s borders are now open to visitors from around the world, including citizens from outside the Schengen Area, such as those from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Asia.

Wherever you are coming from, all visitors to Iceland must adequately demonstrate they have:

Travelers also need to pre-register at

As of January 2022, fully vaccinated passengers or those who have previously recovered from COVID-19 born 2004 and earlier, must present a negative PCR or antigen test (not older then 72 hrs.) prior to boarding a vessel to Iceland. It is important to note that a self-test is not sufficient. Children/minors who are born in the year 2005 or later are exempt from testing and quarantine requirements at the border.

New Update Regarding Validity of Vaccination Certification (January 2022)

From 15 January vaccination certificates will be valid for 9 months instead of 12 months. This means that those who have received the final COVID-19 shot before the last nine months will need to have a booster shot in order to have their vaccination recognized. Those who do not have the booster shot will have to test for COVID-19  when traveling to the country.

If you aren’t vaccinated against COVID-19 and have not previously recovered from the infection

According to current travel restrictions in Iceland you must:

  • Submit a certificate of a negative PCR test for COVID-19 before boarding your transportation to Iceland
  • Undergo a PCR test upon arrival in Iceland
  • Quarantine for five days upon arrival, regardless of your PCR test results
  • Undergo a further PRC test five days after arrival

You can find out more about Iceland’s travel restrictions and related details in this blog post: Iceland in 2021 Covid Measures or at

Travelers from High-Risk Zones

Starting on November 28 2021, all travelers who have stayed in a defined high-risk zone for more than 24 hours in the past 14 days must follow new regulations. These travelers must undergo a PCR test upon arrival and enter quarantine for 5 days followed by another PCR test. Currently, high-risk zones are defined as Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. You can see current information about high-risk zones on the official Icelandic government website.

Planning to extend your travels after visiting Iceland?

Please note that there are active restrictions across Europe that may prevent you from traveling from Iceland to other European countries. You will not be permitted to travel from Iceland unless you can provide proof that you’re exempt from the active travel restrictions at your destination.

Helicopter in Icelandic nature

How do I get a test in order to return home?

If you need to take a PCR test upon departure from Iceland, the staff at Hotel Rangá can help you book a test. Learn more about the current restrictions and government guidance for traveling to and within Iceland.

How Has Iceland Handled the Pandemic?

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Iceland has imposed strict controls, such as restricting large gatherings and requiring masks in public areas. Over the past year, our government has also implemented a series of more intense lockdowns to prohibit the spread of the disease. Icelanders have worked together to reduce the spread by wearing masks and staying home.

Painted wall art at Hotel Rangá
We collaborated with local artists to paint our rooms, making each room unique.

Since December 2020, Iceland has been inviting residents to receive their COVID-19 vaccination. Uptake has been high, with almost 91% of the population 12 years and older fully vaccinated and 77% of the total population being fully vaccinated.

As of January 2022, a mask must be worn if the 2 meter distancing rule cannot be respected. Masks must be worn inside shops and shopping centers. Children born in 2006 and after are exempt from using face masks. Read more here.

Have you heard of the Sweatpants Boots by Iceland?

Staying Safe at Hotel Rangá

At Hotel Rangá, the health and safety of our staff and guests is our top priority. We have implemented various safety measures that will stay in place throughout 2022.

Our staff uses thorough cleaning and sanitizing protocols to clean all rooms, and we have increased the frequency of cleaning and sanitizing in all public spaces, especially high-touch areas.

We also provide hand sanitizer for our guests throughout the hotel. Our goal is to make our guests feel safe and comfortable during their entire stay with us. Find out more about our safety measures or contact us if you have specific questions or concerns.

Breakfast in bed at Hotel Rangá
The Icelandic Suite at Hotel Rangá. Photo by Brent Darby

Why Visit Iceland and Hotel Rangá?

As the world begins its return to normality, Iceland’s borders are opening up and the Hotel Rangá family is ready to welcome guests with open arms. Book your stay with us today and discover all that our wonderful country has to offer—from glaciers and waterfalls to hot springs and black sand beaches.

Hotel Rangá is ideally located in the countryside along the southern coast of Iceland. Our property features stunning views of the Rangá River and the Eyjafjallajökul glacier volcano. Top sights along the south coast of Iceland, such as SeljalandsfossSkógafoss, and Vík’s incredible black sand beaches are just a short drive away.

Hotel Rangá at night
Photo by Ingibjörg Friðriksdóttir

The national park Þingvellir is also nearby, as is the famous Great Geysir and beautiful Gullfoss waterfall. There are plenty of options for discovery—from buggy adventures and horseback riding to snowmobiling.

We know many people worldwide have spent more than enough time indoors due to COVID-19. Iceland offers the perfect getaway for travelers looking to get outside and explore.

Ready for your unique Icelandic adventure? Book your stay at Hotel Rangá today—we can’t wait to welcome you.

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