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Bride and groom wearing wearing clothes pose in front of Hotel Rangá on a sunny summer's day.

What to do in Iceland in June

The summer is starting out amazing here at Rangá. The smell of the flowers in the fresh air and hearing the birds puttering about down by the river makes us dizzy with glee. June is a wonderful time for seeking out adventures so here are a few tips.

June in Iceland is a fabulous month filled with long summer days and the opportunity for incredible summer adventures. Book your stay at Hotel Rangá today and start planning your June adventures.

Exterior of Hotel Rangá during June in south Iceland.
During June in Iceland, the sun barely sets. Photo by Ingibjörg Friðriksdóttir.

Be a night owl

We love helping our guests travel off the beaten path but most don’t want to miss more popular sights like the Golden Circle and our neighboring waterfalls Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss. During summer, there’s a way to beat the crowds and see these spots in a different light, quite literally. Try going after hours, when everyone else is already asleep. Explore these top spots without many  while the midnight sun paints the horizon a glorious rose-colored hue.

June in Iceland: See the highlands

Hikers rejoice: the roads to Landmannalaugar is open once again! At Landmannalaugar you can bathe in inviting natural geothermal pools set amid colorful rhyolite mountains. This popular tourist spot is on the Fjallabak road northeast of the volcano Mt Hekla and is part of one of the largest geothermal areas in the country, the Torfi Glacier area. Landmannalaugar is justly famed for its natural beauty, with its red rocks that include the black of obsidian and other minerals.

The cabins at Landmannalaugar, Iceland.
Landmannalaugar Geothermal Pool. Picture by Benjamin Hardman.

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June in Iceland: Celebrate midsummer

Summer solstice 2019 will happen on June 21st. The magical Midsummer Night, however, happens three days later, on June 24th. This Icelandic holiday is called Jónsmessa or John’s mass and is named for John the Baptist.

Many otherworldly things happen during the night on Jónsmessa. Cows speak like humans and seals shed their skin and become human. What’s more, if you sit at a crossroads between four churches the elves will try to seduce you with food and gifts. If you give in to them, everything vanishes. However, if you stand your ground the elves will leave their gold come morning. There are also certain herbs you can pick to place under your pillow. Then, your future spouse will greet you in your dream.

Oh and don’t be surprised if you see some nudists running around after midnight, many Icelanders roll around naked in the dew-covered grass on Jónsmessa, it’s said to bring good health. We encourage you to do the same should you feel so inclined – and if it’s warm enough – but for the sake of our other guests, we also encourage you to strip out of view from the hotel.

Traveling to Iceland during summer?

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