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Queer wedding photoshoot of two brides standing in front of Skógafoss waterfall in south Iceland.

20 Photos That Will Convince You to Get Married in Iceland

Iceland is a dream wedding destination - and for good reason. Our beautiful country is a wonderful place to say your vows in front of family and friends. What's more, Hotel Rangá is the best wedding hotel in south Iceland. When you book one of our wedding packages, our wedding coordinator will help you every step of the way. Check out these 20 photos that are sure to convince you to get married in Iceland.


Wedding couple kissing in a wedding ceremony in a church in South Iceland
A wedding in a country church in south Iceland. Photo by Macky Bautista.

A Romantic Ceremony in a Country Church

This couple wanted to celebrate their big day in an Icelandic country church. Across Iceland, you can find these small but stunning places of worship. Many such churches were built to serve less populous countryside communities – hence their small size. However, the interiors of such churches are almost always incredibly beautiful. If you choose to be married in an Icelandic church, you will be married by a priest in a Christian ceremony.

A bride and groom at their wedding ceremony in an underground cave in south Iceland.
A magical cave wedding in south Iceland. Photo by Ingibjörg Friðriksdóttir.

Say “I Do” In A Candlelit Cave

Minutes from Hotel Rangá are the mysterious Caves of Hella. We know that these unique structures were built by humans; however, we do not know for certain when or why they were created. Something about their mysterious past makes the caves especially romantic with a truly memorable atmosphere. Recently opened to the public, the caves are a perfect location for an adventurous wedding. Say your vows underground surrounded by hundreds of flickering candles and create an everlasting memory.

A wedding couple gets married in a pagan ceremony in front of Gluggafoss waterfall.
A wedding couple gets married in a pagan ceremony in front of Gluggafoss waterfall. Photo by Bragi Þór.

Pledge Your Love in A Pagan Ceremony

If you are interested in a unique, Icelandic wedding experience, why not pledge your love in a pagan ceremony. Iceland’s Pagan Association – known as Ásatrúarfélagið – is a spiritual community dedicated to upholding a traditional beliefs. These include honesty, respect for all life and a reverence for nature. There is something especially beautiful about a pagan wedding ceremony. As the couple says their vows, they hold tight to an oath ring. This ring symbolizes the couples everlasting commitment to their marriage. Anyone can be wed in a pagan ceremony – check out this blog post to learn even more about pagan weddings in Iceland.

Wedding rings atop a black lava rock held by a bride.
A bride holds a beautiful set of wedding rings. Photo by Shannon, Vine and Light.

Find Your Dream Photographer in Iceland

When you book a wedding package at Hotel Rangá, our wedding coordinator will put you in touch with top Icelandic wedding photographers. These are true professionals who are experts in shooting in the Icelandic landscape. What’s more, they know all the best off the beaten path locations in south Iceland. We always recommend that you look through their previous wedding photos in order to find the photographer fits your style, budget and personality. A great wedding photographer is key to a memorable wedding day.

Bride dressed in white stands in a snowy landscape during a winter wedding in south Iceland.
A winter wedding in snowy south Iceland. Photo by Eygló Lilja.

A Beautiful Winter Wedding in South Iceland

In Iceland, every season offers wedding couples a different kind of beauty. Winter weddings are particularly stunning, especially when we are lucky enough to have a layer of snow on the ground. There is nothing quite so lovely as a bride wearing white while surrounded by falling snowflakes. If you are set on a snowy wedding, we recommend booking a wedding in Iceland in the month of January or February. Even if there isn’t any snow on the ground, there is always the option of doing your wedding photo shoot atop a nearby glacier. Now that is an experience you will always remember!

Wedding couple wearing wedding clothes stand in a field of purple lupine in south Iceland.
Celebrate your wedding day at Hotel Rangá and go on an adventure photo shoot. Photo by Bragi Þór.

A Wedding Photo Shoot in A Field of Lupines

If you choose to get married during the summer months, you might be able to


The Oddakirkja church - white with a red roof - is located just beside a small cemetery.
Located just minutes from Hotel Rangá, Oddakirkja Church is a popular spot for our guests to host their wedding.

Oddi Church is Both Charming and Historical


Queer wedding photoshoot of two brides standing in front of Skógafoss waterfall in south Iceland.
Two brides on their wedding day in south Iceland. Photo by Pink Iceland.

Say Your Vows in Front of An Icelandic Waterfall


Stacey and Jerry on their wedding day with their three children in front of the small cave known as Gapí in south Iceland.
This small cave is open on one side, making it a lovely place to host a wedding ceremony. Photo by Lárus Sigurðsson.

Celebrate Your Wedding in Icelandic Nature


Traditional Icelandic wedding cake known as a kransakaka covered in delicate white icing at Hotel Rangá luxury hotel.
Traditional Icelandic kransakaka at Hotel Rangá. Photo by Clarke Joss.

Enjoy A Traditional Kransakaka Wedding Cake


A wedding couple poses with their family in front of Þorsteinslundur waterfall.
Þorsteinslundur is a beautiful location for a wedding. Photo by Neil Thomas Douglas.

Invite Your Friends and Family to Celebrate in Iceland


Stunning wedding couple in South of Iceland
Make your dream wedding come true amidst the enchanting landscapes of Iceland´s pristine nature. Photo by Leszek Nowakowski.

Plan An Intimate Elopement Beside A Secluded Waterfall


Hotel Rangá wedding couple holds hands in a field in south Iceland.
Plan your dream wedding at Hotel Rangá and go on an epic photoshoot in south Iceland. Photo by Lárus Sigurðsson.

Explore the Icelandic Countryside on Your Big Day


Wedding couple embrace while wearing rain boots and standing in the Skoga river underneath the Skógafoss waterfall.
A wedding couple underneath Skógafoss waterfall. Photo by Bragi Thor.

The Wedding With the Blue Boots


Bride wearing white and groom wearing a green suit embrace in front of the waterfall at Þorsteinslundur.
A couple embraces in front of the waterfal at Þorsteinslundur. Photo by Neil Thomas Douglas.

Embrace Your Beloved Underneath a Waterfall



White wedding cake decorated with purple flowers at Hotel Rangá luxury hotel.
Wedding cake at Hotel Rangá. Photo by Eyrún Aníta Gylfadóttir.

We Can Tailor Make Your Dream Wedding Cake


Wedding couple embraces atop the Dýrholaey promontory with views of a black sand beach.
Hotel Rangá wedding couples take photos in epic locations across south Iceland. Photo by Iskra photography.

Celebrate Love On A Black Sand Beach


Tables set up in a u-shape in Hotel Rangá's River Hall with wedding decorations and a kransakaka wedding cake.
Host your wedding reception in Hotel Rangá’s River Hall.

Host Your Dream Wedding at Hotel Rangá

Wedding couple by Gluggafoss waterfall in South of Iceland
Gluggafoss waterfall is one of our favorites for a wedding photo shoot. Photo by Arctic weddings Iceland.

Take Photos You Will Treasure Forever


Bride wearing white dress and groom in dark suit embrace in the midst of snowy mountains in south Iceland.
A winter wedding in snowy south Iceland.

Make Memories That Will Last A Lifetime

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