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Environmental Policy

Strive to minimize any detrimental effects

Environmental Policy

At Hotel Rangá we are committed to green hotel policies and the implementation of proactive measures to help protect and sustain the environment for future generations. We recognize the impact of our operations on the environment and aim to be an increasingly efficient green and environmental hotel. We strive to minimize any detrimental effects as a result of our business.

In delivering our commitment we will comply with relevant environmental legislation and take proactive approach to future requirements and obligations. We seek to conserve natural resources through the responsible use of energy, water and materials but also maintaining the quality of service expected by our guests.

Photo by Ása Steinarsdóttir
Photo by Ingibjörg Friðriksdóttir

Green & Renewable Energy

Hotel Rangá operates and is heated purely with green and renewable energy. All electricity used at the hotel is produced either by a hydroelectric or geothermal power plants, both renewable energy resources. The hotel heating is geothermal and also renewable. Naturally heated hot-spring water is delivered from a nearby geothermal power plant to the hotel, providing abundant heating.

Saving Energy

Hotel Rangá uses energy efficient light bulbs and has installed motion sensors in the corridors to reduce power consumption. To reduce energy needs even further, Hotel Rangá is constructed with 50% more insulation than the average newly constructed building in Iceland (Icelandic building codes are of a very high standard with regards to insulation). Hotel Rangá re-cycles towels on guest request.

Photo by Ingibjörg Friðriksdóttir

Local Suppliers

The hotel aims to use as much locally grown produce as possible. South Iceland’s many geothermal greenhouse farms provide locally grown vegetable all year round. The hotel also aims to use locally caught salmon, arctic char, dairy products, meat and poultry from local farmers and fish from nearby fishing villages. All meat and dairy products used at Hotel Rangá is hormone and antibiotic free.


Hotel Rangá aims to recycle as much waste as possible. This includes paper, glass, plastic, cooking oil and organic waste.

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