Inside the Icelandic Suite - Hotel Rangá


The bed in Hotel Rangá's Icelandic Suite is covered with a huge lopapeysa blanket.

Inside the Icelandic Suite

Get the ultimate Icelandic experience inside the Icelandic Suite. Experience modern luxury and traditional Icelandic design.
Icelandic Suite
Photo by Paige Deasley

Many of Hotel Rangá’s unique suites are modeled after continents around the globe, but the Icelandic Suite draws its inspiration from closer to home. As a result, the construction of Hotel Rangá’s Icelandic Suite was a passion project for hotelier Friðrik Pálsson. Step inside the Icelandic Suite and you will find a beautiful space filled with traditional design and elegant décor. With the help of local artisans, Friðrik has created a luxurious space that truly embodies the spirit of Iceland.

Soak in A Basalt Tub

“I had specific ideas about what it should look like for a while,” Friðrik says. “For example, I wanted to have the bathroom in a cave outside the room itself, but it proved too complicated. Instead we moved the bathtub to the middle of the suite.”

The unique bathtub is perfect for a nice soak after a long day of adventures. Its outside is lined with columnar basalt and the inside features pebbles from a black sand beach. Friðrik drew inspiration for the tub after a similar piece in his family home.

Photo by Ingibjörg Friðriksdóttir

Master Craftsmanship and Local Art

Friðrik enlisted elder craftsman, Ólafur Sigurjónsson of Forsæti farm, to design and make the furniture inside the Icelandic suite. You can see his craftsmanship in the cartwheel dining table and the master bed. The bed also features wood carvings by local artist Sigríður Jóna Kristjánsdóttir and is dressed in what is probably the largest hand knitted Icelandic wool sweater, or lopapeysa, ever made.

Icelandic Suite
Photo by Paige Deasley

The most exciting part, however, is the rotating dining/living room.

“It was such a fun project and we had input from so many people on how to make this happen,” Friðrik says. “Now, guests can rotate the floor and have a view of the river while at the breakfast table and while sipping wine on the couch at night!”

Photo by Hallur Karlsson

The Icelandic Suite offers guests a chance to truly experience the very best of Icelandic style and decor. Make a booking today by contacting our reception staff via email at


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