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Covid Measures

We look forward to welcoming you to our hotel and helping you to discover the beauty of Iceland. We want to assure you that our first responsibility and top priority is the safety and well-being of each of our guests as well as our team. Please take a moment to read our new wellness measures which are in place for your visit to Hotel Rangá. If you have any additional questions, please contact us directly. 

Wellness measures are subject to change based on guidance from the Directorate of Health and Icelandic Authorities. For further information about Covid in Iceland we recommend our blog: Current Travel Restrictions in Iceland.

Exterior of Hotel Rangá in south Iceland with view of geothermal hot tubs.
Relax and soak in our Hotel Rangá geothermal hot tubs. Photo by Ingibjörg Friðriksdóttir.
Country road in south Iceland with view of mountains and ocean in background.
South Iceland is filled with majestic beauty. Photo by With Luke.
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Distance and Sanitization Keep Everyone Safe

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Quilt of Iceland designed and sewn by Jónína Hulda Gunnlaugsdóttir, now hanging in the Hotel Rangá lobby.
This quilt of Iceland was designed and sewn by Jónína Hulda Gunnlaugsdóttir. Hotel Rangá purchased the quilt at a charity auction in 2011 for 1 million krona. Photo by Hallur Karlsson.
Breakfast in bed in Hotel Rangá's Icelandic Suite.
Breakfast in bed in Hotel Rangá's Icelandic Suite. Photo by Brent Darby.
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New Policies Ensure Safe
Dining for All


Couple enjoys a romantic meal at the Rangá Restaurant.
Book a romantic dinner at our Rangá Restaurant and enjoy gourmet dining in the heart of south Iceland. Photo by Ingibjörg Friðriksdóttir.
Woman sits in a geothermal hot tub at Hotel Rangá with views of the Rangá River.
Sip a glass of champagne while you soak in a Hotel Rangá geothermal hot tub. Photo by Ása Steinarsdóttir.
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