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People drive snowmobiles up in the Icelandic highlands beside a snowed-in cabin.

Snowmobiling in south Iceland

Take a drive in a high powered super jeep up the mountain to the snowmobile base. Here you will be decked out in your snowsuit and given a lesson in the safety essentials of operating the snowmobiles. Then it’s full throttle to the Mýrdalsjökull glacier, close to the volcano Katla.

Book your stay at Hotel Rangá and go snow on an epic snowmobiling adventure in south Iceland. The nearby Eyjafjallajökull volcano-glacier offers incredible views of the south coast and the Westman Islands. What’s more, this exciting experience is actually available year-round. Yes, you can zoom across a snowy glacier even in the middle of summer.

A man on a snowmobile rides throw deep snow in Iceland.
Snowmobiling in deep powder in Iceland. Photo by Benjamin Hardman

Snowmobiling in south Iceland

Take in the unique scenery of the Eyjafjallajökull glacier to the west and the enthralling view over the south coast of Iceland. Or drive across the magnificent Mýrdalsjökull glacier even further west. Immerse yourself in the intoxicating combination of Iceland’s stunning natural environment with the high speed thrill of a snowmobile adventure.

Man drives snowmobile across glacier in south Iceland.
Snowmobiling is available year-round in south Iceland!

Snowmobiling in Iceland is easy, safe and fun

Driving a snowmobiling in south Iceland is easy – you just hold onto the handlebars and turn them in the direction you want to go. Then, you press the accelerator to speed up and the brake to slow down. You’ll be led by experienced guides who will take you on a snowy ride across the glacier. What’s more, every snowmobiling tour includes helmets and snowsuits. You can ride either one or two persons per snowmobile. Every driver must have a valid driver’s license.

Four snowmobiles drive across the Eyjafjallajökull glacier in south Iceland.
Our Hotel Rangá receptionists can help you to book a snowmobiling tour.

Private luxury snowmobiling tours

Contact the Hotel Rangá reception to book a private luxury snowmobiling tour. We can tailor your tour to suit your tastes. For example, we can help you to plan a special proposal or romantic picnic with hot chocolate. Anything is possible – just let us know about your special requests.


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