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Reynisfjara is a world-famous black sand beach located in south Iceland near the town of Vík. The black color of the sand comes from bits of cooled lava and basalt rocks. In fact, black sand beaches are common in areas known for volcanic activity. Reynisfjara is stunning – waves pound on the black sand and visitors can see incredible basalt formations just alongside the sea. However, it is incredibly important not to get too close to the water. Reynisfjara is known for sneaker waves – giant waves that crash ashore without warning. What’s more, the current is very strong and dangerous. If you do decide to visit this lovely beach, please stay far away from the water and use caution.

FAQ about Reynisfjara

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Black beaches in Iceland are made from eroded volcanic material, such as basalt rock, lava and other dark-colored minerals. Black beaches are common in areas with a lot of volcanic activity. Iceland is home to some of the most beautiful black sand beaches in the world, and Reynisfjara is perhaps the most famous. 

The ocean floor just off the coast by Reynisfjara drops quite rapidly few meters from the beach. As a result, deadly sneaker waves frequently come crashing against the shore. We cannot predict the frequency of sneaker waves. In fact, they can appear out of nowhere. If you are caught in the sneaker wave, the strong ocean current can pull you out to sea. We strongly urge caution to all people visiting this beach. 

Reynisfjara black sand beach is located about 86 km (53 miles) from Hotel Rangá, just nearby the town of Vík.

Distances from Reynisfjara

It takes approximately 1 hour to drive from Hotel Rangá to Reynisfjara black sand beach. The beach is about 86 km (53 miles) from our property. 

It takes approximately 2 hours 30 minutes to drive from Reykjavík to Reynisfjara black sand beach. 

It takes approximately 15 minutes to drive from Vík to Reynisfjara black sand beach. 

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