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About Hotel Rangá

Local Art

To us, Hotel Rangá is more than just a hotel – it is a space to share Iceland’s history and culture with our guests. In that regard, we have made it our mission to celebrate Icelandic art by displaying pieces made by local artists. The Icelandic art scene has been growing rapidly and receiving international acclaim in recent years, and we are proud to share many up-and-coming artists with our guests. As you make your way through the hotel, we invite you to take a moment and experience the artwork we have personally selected for your enjoyment. It is our goal to make Icelandic art more accessible for everyone so that we can share the joy and curiosity of experiencing an artist´s work of creation.


Iceland is a country filled with natural beauty. In our largest city, Reykjavík, you will glimpse powerful mountains edging the wild sea, and as you make your way to Hotel Rangá, you will drive through fields filled with wild flowers in summer and spot snow-covered glaciers in winter. Our goal is to preserve Iceland’s natural beauty for generations to come by making smart decisions to reduce our environmental impact. We have a clear vision to create a more sustainable future by practicing sustainability in our business – from using green and renewable energy, to practicing recycling, to buying as much as possible from local suppliers. We encourage our guests to join our mission and hope you will be equally inspired by Iceland’s wild and powerful beauty. You can learn more about how to be a responsible traveler by taking the Icelandic nature pledge created by Inspired by Iceland. Read more about the pledge here.

Drawing from Ranga Obseratory


Traveling to a new country is always better when you have recommendations and insight from locals. Our vision is to guide and support our guests to experience the very best of our beautiful country and make memories that will last a lifetime. With knowledge of all the hidden gems in South Iceland, our staff is delighted to help guests plan fantastic adventures. Service is truly our priority, and it is our mission to make Hotel Rangá an oasis in the midst of the wild and beautiful Icelandic landscape. After a day of exploration, we welcome guests to relax and enjoy our luxurious facilities. From gourmet dining in our Rangá Restaurant to soaking in our outdoor hot tubs with gorgeous views of the Rangá River, we make it easy for our guests to indulge. If you are visiting in the winter, don’t forget about our fabulous Northern Lights and stargazing services. 

Classic Icelandic Hospitality and Service

About Us

For over twenty years, Hotel Rangá has been at the forefront of the hotel industry in Iceland. Our focus has always been on classic Icelandic hospitality, gourmet dining and personal service. We offer everything from cozy Standard rooms to large and spacious Master Suites. All rooms are decorated with unique art and comfortable furnishings so that our guests can enjoy the utmost in well-being, relaxation and luxury. We look forward to welcoming you to Hotel Rangá and helping you to discover Iceland’s remarkable beauty.

Photo by Kristján Pétur Vilhelmsson

Hotel Rangá's Story

The Beginning

Hotel Rangá was originally built in 1999 as a countryside retreat made up of 21 rooms. Constructed with imported cedar from New Brunswick, Canada, the hotel is situated on the banks of the Rangá River, from which it takes its name. The hotel´s honey-colored timber walls, comfortable furnishings, and fine service immediately established its excellent reputation throughout Iceland. Hotel Rangá´s first owner was Sigurbjörn Bárðason, one of Iceland's best known horsemen, and the hotel was originally intended as a rural resort for horse lovers. Over time, the hotel´s excellent location made it a top destination for travelers of all kinds. Guests can enjoy easy access to fantastic natural sights like waterfalls, volcano-glaciers, ice caves and black sand beaches. What´s more, Hotel Rangá is a perfect spot to view the stunning Northern Lights dancing across the horizon.


Friðrik Steps In

Friðrik Pálsson arrived at Hotel Rangá after a 30-year career leading two of Iceland’s largest seafood export companies with subsidiaries all around the world. It was during this time that he spent over 200 nights a year on the road and developed firsthand experience of what it takes to create a truly memorable hospitality experience. Friðrik´s warm personality, genuine nature, and charm are truly a part of the guest experience at Hotel Rangá. He can regularly be found at the hotel sipping Brennivín (Iceland’s signature spirit) with guests, sharing his personal recommendations for the best places to explore to anyone who asks, and generally being a part of every aspect of the hotel’s day-to-day operations.


Hrammur Joins Our Team

In 2003, one of Hotel Rangá’s most popular staff members joined our team - Hrammur the polar bear. Hrammur has the special job of greeting all of Hotel Rangá’s guests when they arrive in the lobby. The word Hrammur means “paw” in Icelandic which we think suits our friend especially well, as he stands tall with a big smile and paws in the air. Hrammur is happy to be photographed and loves selfies, so don’t hesitate to take a photo with our star employee. 


First Extension

Between 2004 and 2006, Friðrik led a team of designers and craftsmen to complete a renovation, expanding the hotel and creating our first Master Suite - the Royal Suite. New corridors were also built and the hotel´s decor was refreshed. Spacious and elegant, with views of the glacier Eyjafjallajökull, the Royal Suite was an immediate success. This planted the idea for the future creation of more Junior and Master Suites. 

2004 - 2006

Hotel Rangá Launches Northern Lights Wake-up Call

In 2005, Hotel Rangá was one of the first Icelandic hotels to start offering a Northern Lights wake-up call. We added this service to make sure that our guests would never miss a chance to view the Northern Lights. If the aurora should appear - even in the middle of the night - we will call your room so you can go outside and catch the magic in action. 


Second Extension

In 2007, Hotel Rangá underwent another extension which expanded the hotel to its current tally of 52 rooms. Our dining area was also renovated: we added a new restaurant space known as the Glass Hall, extended the bar and added another upstairs private dining hall.  As an additional part of the expansion, we created our continental-themed Junior and Master Suites. Filled with handcrafted and authentic decor and modeled after each of the 7 continents, the Suites are truly one of a kind. Our team worked closely with expert artisans, builders and designers to source authentic furniture and art so that our guests would feel truly transported. Featuring luxurious touches and comfortable amenities, our suites offer guests the possibility to spend the night in North America, Australia or even Asia.


Art at Hotel Rangá

Hotelier Friðrik brought his love of art to Hotel Rangá, filling the hotel with paintings and drawings created by Icelandic artists. Friðrik has also commissioned 16 different local artists to paint wall murals in Hotel Rangá´s guest rooms. The project has been ongoing since 2012 - artists are given free reign to practice creativity provided that their subject is related to our area in some way. Artists have painted scenes from the Icelandic sagas, local flora and fauna, scenes of the Northern lights, and local wildlife ranging from the arctic fox to the amazing assortment of birds that you can see on our property. 


Rangá Observatory

The Northern Lights are a beautiful sight to see, but one cannot forget about the twinkling stars and far-off planets that glow softly in the Icelandic night. To assist guests in getting a better view of our fascinating solar system, Friðrik worked with the expert astronomer Sævar Helgi Bragason to build an on-site observatory in 2014. The observatory houses two high-quality telescopes and features a roll-off roof that provides access to the night sky. This is the only public observatory in Iceland offering guided tours of the night sky by experts. 


Deluxe Superior Rooms

In 2018, we embarked on a new renovation project of our Deluxe Superior rooms. Each of the six rooms was refreshed and updated from their original Standard size, including the ensuite bathrooms. Walk-in bathtubs were installed, making these rooms more accessible to all our guests. We also made these rooms more family friendly by adding a built-in wall bed to each room. The rooms can be made up with either one King bed and one wall bed or two Twin beds and one wall bed. Furthermore, each room was decorated with a unique wall mural by a local Icelandic artist.


Icelandic Suite Opens

In 2018, we launched our newest Master Suite, the Icelandic Suite. Inspired by Iceland, this beautiful space is filled with handcrafted furniture by Ólafur in Forsæti, a local artisan, and traditional Icelandic decor. Luxury details make the space memorable - from a unique soaking tub personally designed by hotelier Friðrik, to a cozy blanket inspired by the traditional Icelandic sweater known as lopapeysa. Large windows look out onto the peaceful Rangá River and the surrounding countryside. 


Hotel Rangá Celebrates 20 Years

In 2019, we celebrated 20 years of business with year-long celebrations, prizes, and giveaways. Our values have stayed strong over the years - we remain committed to green hotel policies to help protect and sustain the environment. We operate with renewable energy and use as much locally grown produce and locally-sourced meat, fish, and dairy products as possible. We give back to our community and donate all tips to our local Search and Rescue teams. We are proud to be a family-owned and operated business, and look forward to the future of Hotel Rangá. We consistently strive to provide our guests with the highest hospitality and look forward to welcoming you to Hotel Rangá and showing you the majesty and beauty of Iceland.

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