Lucas Raven rides an Icelandic horse across fields in south Iceland.

What to do in Iceland in September

With chillier temperatures and earlier sunsets, the start of fall means that Northern Lights season is officially here at Hotel Rangá. But it's not only the nights that are filled with glorious colors—this new season shows the Icelandic landscape at its best with the vivid hues of changing fall foliage. We are taking advantage of the beautiful colors by exploring outdoors and suggest you do the same—just remember to dress for the cooler fall weather.

Iceland in September is a gorgeous month perfect for horseback rides, berry-picking and northern lights hunting.

A man riding an Icelandic horse at winter.
Picture by Lucas Raven.

Round-em Up!

During the summer, Icelandic sheep run wild in the highlands. Now that fall is upon us, farmers will be flocking to the mountains with friends, family, and whoever else wants to lend a helping hand to round up the sheep and bring them down to be sorted in a process known as réttir. Many farmers are happy to have tourists take part, so make sure to ask our reception if there are réttir happening during your stay.

Icelandic sheep round in the autumn.
Many farmers are happy to have tourists take part, so make sure to ask our reception if there are réttir happening during your stay.

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Fall in Love with Icelandic Horses

Taking a horseback ride is an excellent way to experience the stunning colors of fall in Iceland. In fact, Icelandic horses are one of the oldest breeds of horses on the globe, and their impressive strength and ability to endure all weather means that they are well suited to traverse rivers, lava fields, steep mountainous terrain, and even glaciers.

Berry-picking Season Has Arrived

At this time of year, you may notice locals walking across moss-covered lava fields holding baskets filled with berries. The early autumn is a popular time to go berry-picking – or berjamó in Icelandic. Ask in the reception, and we will share all our best berry-picking spots.

Crowberries in Iceland.
Many crowberries—a dark blue, lightly sweet berry—can be found in the countryside surrounding Hotel Rangá.

Family Activities for Fall

Fall is a wonderful time for families to explore the South Coast. With many adventures to choose from, we can help you plan activities tailored to children of all ages. Take a dip in our hot tubs, ride an Icelandic horse, or drive a buggy on a black sand beach. Your kids will be sure to have a great time exploring Iceland.

Five take a flight family in Iceland.
Picture by Five takes a flight.

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