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Two sheep and three little lambs on a grassy field in south Iceland.

Rangá Recommends – Iceland in May

What a happy time it is: the fields are greener, the sunsets are perpetual and the brennivín is ice cold. If everything goes according to plan, May will bring us “sweater weather” where it is warm enough so that you don’t need a coat anymore – just a nice sweater preferably knitted by someone’s grandmother from Icelandic wool. This month, we recommend getting in touch with the local fauna.

Feeling sheepish

May is the peak of lambing-season – a time where farmers work around the clock to help the sheep bring their offspring into the world. Soon after, the sheep will be herded to the mountains. There, they will roam freely over the summer. The mountains are filled with the sheep’s favorites: grass, moss, and other vegetation. Of course, many of them actually roam onto the roads, so be mindful when driving. We have a special blog dedicated to the spring in Iceland and the lambing season, read more. 

Iceland in May: Hang out with Horses

As winter and summer collide signs of spring start peaking through the snow. Riding an Icelandic horse is a great way to take in the beauty of it all – to enjoy nature while bonding with a majestic animal. Horseback riding can be a romantic event for couples, an adventurous escapade for groups, or a fun learning opportunity for families.

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Iceland in May: Listen for birds

The European Golden Plover or “lóa” returned in March from her winter vacation in the British isles. In the past month, there’s been plenty of birdlife by the hotel and we hear the sweet peep of the lóa all around when walking through the grounds. The puffin or “lundi” – a favorite among our younger guests – has also returned from the sea for its nesting season.

Summer is puffin time

Iceland is the breeding home for about 60 percent of the world’s Atlantic puffins and the south coast boasts some of the best places to spot them. Dyrahólaey, for example, is only an hour’s drive from Hotel Rangá. Keep in mind that although around two million puffin couples nest here each year, the puffin is an endangered species and during its nesting season certain restrictions could apply.

Food for thought

Finally, let us recommend our seasonal gourmet menu. It features a cured cod starter with smoked trout roe, lemon foam and dill oil, sous-vide beef tenderloin with pickled pearl onion, “pomme Anna” potato, sunchoke purée and buttermilk crumble for the main course and then a scrumptious baked Alaska with Italian meringue, blueberries and vanilla ice cream for dessert. Of course, we also have special wine pairings on hand should you feel so inclined.

Wondering how to spend summer in Iceland?

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