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Traveling with kids in Iceland

Five Take Flight share their Rangá experience The Tillotson family doesn’t settle for your average family holiday. In 2017, parents Derek and Kenzie sold their Utah home to bring big brother Porter, funny man Beckett, and little sister Wren on the adventure of a lifetime, traveling to 38 countries in 54 weeks. And what was their first international stop? Well Iceland of course!
A mother with her three children and nanny in Iceland
When the Tillotson family, who goes by Five Take Flight on their blog and social media, visited Iceland they spent two nights at Hotel Rangá.


The family, who goes by Five Take Flight on their blog and social media, spent two nights at Hotel Rangá so we asked them a few questions about their stay.


What led to you coming to Iceland?

We wanted to make our flights as short as possible for the kids while traveling so often so we initially decided to go Iceland because it was a short five-hour flight out of JFK! Then from there, it would be easy to jump into Western Europe. However, we are big outdoor enthusiasts and knew that the country had incredible hiking. We heard it is the land of fire and ice and knew it was unlike any other place on earth. We are happy to say that it did not disappoint and we plan on returning several times.



What was traveling with children like in Iceland?

Just like any time you travel with kids you have to take things at a much slower pace.

Don’t expect to drive the whole ring road or else you will have some grumpy kids. We had a little over a week in Iceland. We landed in Reykjavik and planned on driving as far as Vik on the ring road. That was perfect for our family with three small kids under the age of six. There are incredible stops to hike, play in water, picnic, and space to let the kids run free.


A toddler at hotel rangá
Wren is the youngest family member



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Tell us about your Hotel Rangá experience

We stayed in a spacious South Western themed room and being from the western part of the USA we have to say it felt like we were right at home. The room fit our family comfortably with a large bed for the adults and rollaway cots for the kids.

The food we ate at the hotel restaurant was a delicious cultural experience. We were able to try local foods like reindeer and all of it was exquisitely prepared and presented. It really was fine dining while out in nature.


The brothers, Porter and Beckett, getting ready to hit the outdoor hot tubs.


The property is great for kids. There are fields and a stream that runs through the property. We were there when flowers were in bloom so our kids really enjoyed being outside playing near the stream and finding local bugs. There are outdoor hot tubs scattered around the property and once the kids were in bed we were able to go and relax and take in the evening stars.

Since it is conveniently located off the ring road we felt very centrally located. We were able to go to Vik for a day trip and one of the more memorable things we did was a jeep excursion. We went to glaciers, waterfalls, and jeep off-roading through the landscape.


What was the kid’s favorite part about your trip?

Playing on the black rock beaches. For hours, they would use the rocks to spell words, build towers, and make little people. We’ve been to sandy beaches but these smooth rock beaches seemed to be way more fun.



And how about the grown-ups?

We really loved how different of a landscape it is. There is no place like it. One of the most impressive things we saw that has stuck with us is Gullfoss. The size and amount of water are breathtaking.


Hotel Rangá thanks Five Take Flight for their visit and for reminiscing with us. Make sure to check out their blog – we hope to see them in Iceland again soon.


Are you planning to visit Iceland with your family?

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