The front exterior of Hotel Rangá luxury hotel in south Iceland.

What to do in Iceland in March

The month of Góa, the second-to-last month of winter according to the old Icelandic calendar, is now upon us. Back in the day, women would rise early on the first day of Góa, walk outside scantily dressed and recite a poem, welcoming the Góa into their home. In modern times, people use the first day of Góa as an opportunity to treat the special ladies in their lives to something special - here at Hotel Rangá we say why stop after the first day? Use the Góa to unwind a bit.

In today’s calendar, Góa falls in the month of March. March in Iceland is a time when days are getting longer but the temperatures are quite low. In Iceland, we can still see the northern lights in March as long as there are clear skies and solar activity.

Northern Lights at Hotel Rangá
Northern Lights at Hotel Rangá South Iceland

Relax with a massage

Take your Rangá experience to the next level by booking a massage for you and your partner. In fact, we offer 20, 30, and 60-minute sessions which you can follow up with a glass of wine and dip in one of our hot tubs overlooking the serene Rangá river.

Masseuse's hands massaging a woman's back.
Get a relaxing massage when you stay at Hotel Rangá.

Soak it all in

We recently started providing our guests with bath salts from Angan skincare. Angan means fragrance, a fitting name for these lovely bath salts. They are produced with surplus salt from the same Icelandic manufacturer that makes the sea salt we use in our kitchen. Angan’s ingredients are sustainably sourced, vegan, handcrafted, and free from harmful compounds. Ask about the salts at our front desk and then enjoy your fragrant detox.

The Angan skincare products.
The Angan skincare products.

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Buns, bombs, and ash

We have three big days that occur during March in Iceland: Bun-day (March 4th), Fat-Tuesday or “bomb-day” (March 5th), and Ash-Wednesday (March 6th). Icelandic children used to hang bags of ash on people’s clothes on ash Wednesday, but these days they dress up in costumes a la Halloween and receive candy from shop owners for singing.

Icelandic creamy buns.
Icelandic creamy buns. Photo by Ingibjörg Friðriksdóttir.

On Fat Tuesday Icelanders stuff themselves with salted meat and lentil-soup until their stomachs “blow.” Then, Bun Day is the time to eat puff pastries filled with jam, cream, chocolate, and whatever else.

Keep an eye out for something sweet around Hotel Rangá this Monday and make sure no one whacks you with a bun-stick or you’ll owe them a pastry.

The northern lights glow green over Hotel Rangá luxury hotel during wintertime.
The northern lights glow green over Hotel Rangá luxury hotel during wintertime.

March in Iceland: Northern lights

Northern lights season is still in full swing during March in Iceland. To see the northern lights we need solar activity, clear skies and dark nights. Hotel Rangá is the best northern lights hotel in south Iceland. In fact, we even offer a northern lights wake-up service. We will call your room during the night whenever the northern lights should appear.

Traveling to Iceland during winter?

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