Man stands at the end of a long table filled with candles, food and drink and other guests inside the Caves of Hella.

Viking Feast in an Icelandic Cave

Book Hotel Rangá's new dining offer and experience a Viking feast in an Icelandic cave. Enjoy gourmet food and explore the Caves of Hella.

Hotel Rangá is now offering our guests the chance to have a truly unique dining experience. Feast like Vikings in a mysterious Icelandic cave just minutes from Hotel Rangá. Enjoy delicious dishes prepared by Hotel Rangá chefs in a setting from another time. Keep reading to learn more about this new dining adventure.

Rustic Viking cave feast on a long wooden table in the Caves of Hella in south Iceland.
Dine on gourmet fare inside the Caves of Hella. Photo by Ingibjörg Friðriksdóttir.

The Caves of Hella

The Caves of Hella are a fascinating mystery. What we do know for certain is that the caves were made by humans. What’s more, there are signs that indicate the caves were in existence when the Vikings came to Iceland in 850 A.D. These underground spaces were almost certainly used as a dwelling place, but we can only guess at their inhabitants.

People wearing Icelandic sweaters sit on tables inside the Caves of Hella in south Iceland.
Feel connected to the past when you dine inside the Caves of Hella. Photo by Ingibjörg Friðriksdóttir.

Walking through the cool underground rooms, it is easy to feel connected to the past. Little signs of human existence can be seen–there are some wall carvings of unknown age, a small altar and what is perhaps an old stove. Yet, the space emanates a particular atmosphere, making it easy to imagine what it might have been like in days of old.

Hotel Rangá chef serves guests inside the Caves of Hella in south Iceland.
Enjoy gravlax, lamb shank and more when you book an Icelandic cave feast in south Iceland. Photo by Ingibjörg Friðriksdóttir.

Gourmet Fare and Live Music

For our guests who want to experience something truly unique, we offer a Viking feast inside one of the Caves of Hella. Hotel Rangá chefs will prepare a delicious three course meal that includes gravlax, lamb shank and a special skyr dessert. Enjoy live music as you dine by candlelight. Sip local beers, enjoy handpicked wines and think about those who once made these caves their home.

Kyana Sue Powers sits at a table covered with plates of lamb shank in the Caves of Hella.
Feast on lamb shank, whipped potatoes and move when you book this Icelandic cave feast in the Caves of Hella.

Because the caves are underground, they are pleasantly cool. We highly recommend that our guests dress warmly–an Icelandic lopapeysa and a woolen hat are a perfect choice. Children are welcome to participate in the cave dinner, and we offer their admission at half-price. Whether planning a romantic dinner or a family adventure, you will be sure to remember this unique dining experience inside an Icelandic cave.

Book Your Icelandic Cave Feast Today

To book your Icelandic cave feast, contact the Hotel Rangá reception today. We do need at least 1 week advance notice to prepare this dining experience. Starting rate at €2190 for private cave experience. Additional €145 per person for three course viking feast and drinks. For more information email our Hotel Rangá concierge to make your booking. Only available as private dinner. 

A rustic table set for a Viking feast with lit candles and full plates in the Caves of Hella.
Contact the Hotel Rangá reception to book your cave feast today. Photo by Ingibjörg Friðriksdóttir.


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