Fjallabak Nature Reserve

Photo by Þorleifur Eggertsson

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4×4 Car



Fjallabak Nature Reserve is a mountainous wilderness surrounding Landmannalaugar in the Icelandic highlands. Furthermore, the reserve is filled with breathtaking natural beauty and myriad hiking trails. Moreover, visitors to this majestic area can spot diverse landmarks including lava fields, black sand, winding rivers and deep lakes. What’s more, the reserve is also known for an abundance of geothermal activity. In addition, there is a famous natural hot spring in Landmannalaugar where guests can relax after a day of adventures. As you explore the area, you will notice that ancient volcanic activity has carved the land into dramatic peaks and valleys. As a result, the landscape is incredibly diverse. What’s more, the reserve is expansive at over 47,000 hectares in size. In conclusion, Fjallabak offers travelers the option to get off the beaten path and see something unique. 

FAQ Fjallabak Nature Reserve

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In short, the reserve is a mountainous reserve filled with incredible natural beauty. Famous for its geothermal activity and multicolored mountains, the reserve is a sight to be seen.

Yes, you can drive in the summer months when the roads are open. Moreover, we recommend that you take a 4×4 car. Icelandic weather can change rapidly and the highlands are off the beaten track. As a result, the road conditions can be quite bad. Furthermore, you may have to cross rivers.  

In fact, Landmannalaugar is a part of Fjallabak.  

Distances to Fjallabak

The reserve is a 2 hour drive from Hotel Rangá. 

The reserve is a 2.5 hour drive from Reykjavík. 

Places close to Fjallabak Nature Reserve

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