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See the colours of Landmannalaugar

One of the most breathtaking locations in Southern Iceland is Landmannalaugar: a region renowned for its rhyolite mountains displayed in vividly coloured layers. Landmannalaugar really is a photographer’s dream destination.

The magical colors of Landmannalaugar

The magical colors of LandmannalaugarThe heart of the highlands are accessible throughout the summer months for a once in a lifetime experience at Landmannalaugar. Smaller, personally tailored super-jeep tours are the best way to soak up the scenery; they usually host 2-8 guests and allow you to take routes not accessible by normal car.



On the drive from Hotel Rangá you will experience a landscape that has gone through dramatic changes since the settlement, with endless twisting and turning lava formations that have emerged from a myriad of different craters. You will pass the roots of Mt. Hekla and witness the remote rugged landscape of one of the biggest geothermal areas in Iceland.


At Landmannalaugar, spend time taking a gentle hike around the lava field of Laugarhraun and soak up the colourful atmosphere of the mountains with their rich natural tones of blue, green, orange and red. Don’t forget to take your bathing gear with you as some of the natural hot springs offer a welcome break in which to relax after your hike. Here is a land like no other, enchanting, timeless and exceptionally beautiful – nature in its element.


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