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Hotel Rangá Africa Suite decorated with grass roof, traditional artwork and decor.

The Africa Suite at Hotel Rangá

Hotel Rangá's Africa Suite will transport you to another continent for the night. The room is filled with authentic artwork and unique design elements. Keep reading to learn about the inspiration behind the suite's creation.

Hotel Rangá’s Africa Suite stuns with original furniture and decor, giving the room a truly authentic feel. To create the suite, we teamed up with a New York Gallery specializing in African art. Their mission extends beyond art, focusing on local economies and small business in Africa.

The gallery provided us with a wide variety of items, ranging from handcrafted wooden masks and giraffe figurines, to vibrant African prints and bold wooden furniture. The room also boasts a luxurious bathroom with pitch-black walls but the pièce de résistance is actually the suite’s ceiling.

A woman enjoying a the morning coffee in Hotel Rangá's Africa Suite.
Enjoying a the morning coffee in our Africa Suite. Picture by Ívar Eyþórsson

Look up! It’s a Hut Ceiling

If you look up, you will notice that the Africa Suite’s ceiling appears to be made of straw, much like an African hut. Searching for ways to build the ceiling, hotelier Friðrik Pálsson recalls his visit to a nearby farm, Þorvaldseyri. At this farm they grow Icelandic wheat and Friðrik was curious if it could be used in the project.

“We made an unusual request to cut some of the fully grown wheat before it was threshed, aiming for maximum length. The farmer found this request amusing.” As a result Friðrik Pálsson and his team visited the farm two more times to gather a substantial amount of wheat for the ceiling.

When it came to actually building the small hut ceiling, Friðrik and the builders had no idea how to get started. After a few failed attempts and lots of laughter, they finally managed to put their heads together and get the job done. “Up it went and it’s still hanging on after all these years.” “I highly doubt that many African huts have been built using Icelandic wheat,” says Friðrik Pálsson and laughs.

Woman sits on king bed in Hotel Rangá's Africa Suite.
Hotel Rangá’s Africa Suite is truly unique. Photo by Ása Steinarsdóttir.

Exploring the Rich Tapestry of African Wildlife

While searching for suitable lighting for this room, we stumbled upon magnificent lamps and a chandelier crafted from grand ostrich eggs. Ostrich eggs are not only a cultural symbol in Africa but also a valuable resource, reflecting the profound connection between nature and human life on the continent. This made these lights a perfect choice for our space.

Hotel Rangá's Africa Master Suite decorated with a grass ceiling to resemble a traditional dwelling.
A night in Hotel Rangá’s Africa Suite will transport you to another continent.

The Africa Suite doesn’t limit itself to ostriches; it’s a celebration of African wildlife. Delicate animal figurines stand in a glass cabinet. What’s more, you will also notice giraffe figurines made by a Zambian artist–each meticulously crafted from a single piece of pure teak wood. Take a moment to appreciate the individuality of these giraffes–the lady giraffes exude grace and elegance, while others are more rigid and statuesque, holding male characteristics.

Photographer Ása Steinarsdóttir wearing a traditional Icelandic lopapeysa in our Africa Suite at Hotel Rangá.
Photographer Ása Steinarsdóttir wearing a traditional Icelandic lopapeysa in our Africa Suite at Hotel Rangá.

The Meaning of the Tree

Africa is home to some of the world’s most majestic and significant trees, some that have been around for thousands of years. They provide shade, shelter and sustenance to various wildlife. Trees are truly vital components of the continent’s ecosystem.

Trees also have cultural significance in Africa, with local communities often using them as gathering places. In fact, some iconic trees even have spiritual or mythological meanings. In Africa, trees are deeply intertwined with the lives of its people.

Placing a tree above the bed only seemed fitting. This tree is not only a reference to the African landscape but a nod to how trees are integral components of the continent’s cultural and ecological tapestry.

Bathroom in Hotel Rangá's Africa Master Suite decorated with black wall tile and large bathtub.
Soak your cares away in the African Suite’s giant whirlpool tub.

A Bold Bathroom

Among the numerous African artworks in this suite, the bathroom door itself stands out. Step into the bathroom and you will notice that the walls are pitch-black. This bold choice leads to a luxurious atmosphere, reminiscent of the vast African night skies. The contrast of dark walls with warm lighting adds a touch of drama. You can be sure that your bathing experience will be a truly immersive and unique experience.

Want to stay in the Africa suite? Contact our lobby at +354-487-5700, through the contact form, or via email and book your stay.

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