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Hotel Rangá's Australia suite.

Hotel Rangá’s Australian Suite

Hotel Rangá's Australian Suite features authentic décor and traditional design that will transport guests to a beachside oasis. Located in south Iceland, Hotel Rangá is a stunning luxury hotel with easy access to the most popular sights and attractions. What's more, the property has a variety of unique suites perfectly suited to the adventurous traveler.
Australian Suite at Hotel Rangá
Photo by Andrew Klotz


Australian Inspiration

“We were inspired by the Australian coral reefs and by traditional Australian artwork,” says hotelier Friðrik Pálsson.

“The idea of the room is that you are on the beach. In fact, the bathroom’s entrance is designed to resemble a beach hut. We wanted to make it feel as though you are looking at the night sky. We painted the ceiling blue and added the stars of the southern hemisphere.”

Guests will notice that one wall is covered with souvenirs from the sea.

“The idea was to have one wall imitating a coral reef. We created the wall with these sand-colored tiles that resemble coral. Then, we covered the wall with shells and starfish.”

Photo by Andrew Klotz

Authentic Decor

All of the artwork in Hotel Rangá’s Australian Suite is authentic. Guests will find beautiful stained-glass pieces, a large painting of the Australian outback and even a sculpture of the Australian outlaw-hero, Ned Kelly.

The suite is a perfect place to relax after a day of adventures in the Icelandic countryside. Have a drink on the balcony with views of the beautiful Rangá River. Or take a long soak in the suite’s soaking tub. Every element in our luxury hotel is chosen with our guests’ comfort in mind.

Rooms & Suites

At Hotel Rangá we offer 5 room categories, from our unique continental suites to cozy mountain view standard rooms. Learn more.

“We got in touch with a company in Australia, and they helped up to come up with ideas for traditional Aboriginal art. We imported Australian wood that our carpenters used to create the furniture. There are two boomerangs above the bed, which are traditional Australian hunting tools. There are also two didgeridoos. This is an Australian wind instrument.”

Murial at Australian hotel suite at Hotel Rangá Iceland
Photo by Hreinn Magnússon

Focus on the Solution

There is a good story behind the construction of the bathroom door in Hotel Rangá’s Australian Suite.

“We made the bathroom door one week and then it waited for some time until we could put it into the frame. After checking the door, we found that it had become bent and crooked. The carpenters found that terrible and wanted to rebuild it, but I thought we should use it like that. Then we made the frame crooked too so that it would fit. If something like this happens you must find a solution, not redo the whole thing.”

Australia Suite at Hotel Rangá
Photo by Paige Deasley

Indulge in Adventure

Hotel Rangá luxury hotel offers guests the utmost in comfort and indulgence. What’s more, our elegant property with lavish amenities is located in the wild Icelandic landscape. Our expert reception staff is available to help our guests book the perfect day tours.

From hiking the incredible trails at Landmannalaugar to soaking in nearby hot springs, we offer our guests access to the best Icelandic adventures. After a day of exploration, there is nothing better than relaxing in one of our unique suites.

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