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Iceland Eclectic Playlist

Check out Hotel Rangá's Iceland Eclectic playlist. From house beats to classical piano, Iceland's music scene is diverse and eclectic.

We created our Icelandic Eclectic playlist to transport listeners into an Icelandic mood. From indie rock to classical piano, our playlist will bring you to Iceland in a sonic sense.

During Covid, transportation was limited and many trips were postponed. Around the world, travelers of all kinds began to feel restless. In fact, Forbes Magazine asked Hotel Rangá to create a playlist to help ease everyone’s travel bug. Luckily, our Digital Marketing Manager, Ingibjörg Friðriksdóttir, is a musician herself. She was more than up for the task and created an epic Icelandic eclectic playlist filled with all kinds of Icelandic artists. We asked her to share more about the playlist and Icelandic music scene.

Ingibjorg Fridriksdottir, Hotel Rangá's social media manager
Ingibjorg Fridriksdottir, Hotel Rangá’s digital marketing manager.

Wild, Untamed Nature

“The inspiration for Icelandic music often comes from the country’s wild, untamed nature. It is impossible not to feel inspired by our country, with its gigantic glaciers, frequently erupting volcanoes and wild mars-like exterior of the island.

“Icelandic musicians are as wild and untamed as our nature, and the scene is world-renowned for being authentic. We have so many talented musicians who are innovative and unafraid of creating their own path because Iceland is willing to invest in culture with governmental funds, and also because we have role models like Björk who have proven you can be true to your rebellious music and succeed.”

One Big Family

“The scene is also special in that we are one big family, all genres of music. If you are an active musician in Iceland, soon you will know everyone from the most talented jazz saxophonist to the conductor of the symphony orchestra and the hottest hip hop dude. It makes it accessible to create innovative projects where a lot of great minds come together. That is what I tried to represent on this playlist: the whole scene, all of us together as one big family, because that is also representative of Iceland today. We try to make every guest visiting Hotel Rangá feel that way, too.”

Iceland Eclectic: All Genres Welcome

On the playlist, you can expect to find Icelandic artists from all genres. Listen to tracks from film composers like Herdís Stefánsdóttir, Atli Örvarsson and Bjarni Biering. You’ll also hear songs by the best known Icelandic rock bands: Mammút, KALEO, Aget Fresco and many more. Here, we share some featured songs–take a listen, and let us know what you think.

Jónsi and Royn cover
Salt Licorice: Jónsi with Robyn

Salt Licorice: Jónsi with Robyn

For those who enjoy experimental house beats
From Sigur Rós’s lead singer Jónsi comes an new ode to Scandinavian pain with Swedish pop star Robyn. Aggressive rhythmical beats contrast with Robyn’s eerie vocals. We recommend you try Iceland‘s licorice candy or stop by our Rangá Bar for a licorice shot while enjoying this song.

Borderland: Ásgeir

For those who enjoy singer-songwriters
This song is from the album Time On My Hands released in October 2022 by singer-songwriter Ásgeir. The track is a textured, thoughtful brand of folk-pop. A fun fact about Ásgeir is that he grew up in Vestur-Húnavatnssýsla just like Friðrik Pálsson, the owner of Hotel Rangá.

Valborg Ólafsdóttir Cover
Valborg Ólafsdóttir

Far From Home: Valborg Ólafs

For those who love indie music
This record was self-produced in a church under the Eyjafjallajökull volcano, close to our hotel. It was created during the pandemic, hence the title of the song. Valborg describes her music as honest and mysterious. In fact, Valborg sometimes opens her home to small groups to share stories and songs. If you want to learn more, contact the Hotel Rangá reception.

Maximum Emergency: Berndsen
Maximum Emergency: Berndsen

Maximum Emergency: Berndsen

For those who love the 80s
Berndsen’s sound is a mixture of new soundscape and elaborate 80s electronic pop combined with his signature soft vocal tone. Recently, Berndsen has expanded his career to fine arts, producing visual pieces of art that are influenced by sound waves.

For Jóhann: By Víkingur Ólafsson

For those who love classical piano music
Víkingur Ólafsson is one of Iceland‘s best known classical pianists. For Jóhann is from his album Back Reworks which was awarded Album of the Year at the BBC Music Magazine Awards in 2019.

Mimra album cover
Out Of The Dark: Mimra

Out Of The Dark: Mimra

For those who love electro-acoustic folk pop
MIMRA creates music with a delicate but complex blend of alternative folk-pop, jazz and electronics. Her voice has an amazing strength and range that blends perfectly with the layered sonic landscape.


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Iceland Eclectic Playlist: Take a Listen

Check out the Icelandic Eclectic playlist to get a taste of Iceland’s unique music scene. The playlist is an ongoing project; in fact, Ingibjörg regularly updates the playlist with the latest new releases. Take a listen and let us know what you think.

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