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Pink and green northern lights shining bright above the Highland Center Hrauneyjar.

Get to know the Icelandic highlands

Did you know that Hotel Rangá has a little sister up in the highlands?

Just a short drive from Hotel Rangá, the Icelandic highlands are an incredible

The Northern Lights at our sister property The Highland Center Hrauneyjar

The Highland Center Hrauneyjar is perfectly located to experience untouched nature. It’s off the beaten path and yet very accessible. The highlands offer exquisite colors, otherworldly textures and silence like you have never heard before. The Highland Center Hrauneyjar Hotel is the perfect base camp for those with a taste for adventure and/or great burgers.

The highland center Hrauneyjar
The highland center Hrauneyjar

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Fun facts about the Icelandic highlands

  • The hiking trails in the Icelandic Highlands are magical. One can walk for hours without ever seeing another traveler.
  • There are no permanent inhabitants in the Icelandic Highlands.
  • The Icelandic Highlands contain three of the country’s largest glaciers: Vatnajökull, Hofsjökull, and Langjökull. As you can probably guess, “jökull” means “glacier”.
  • Iceland‘s highest peak, Hvannadalshnúkur, is located in the Highlands.
  • Of the 40.000 km2 that the Icelandic highlands cover, 14.000 km2 are protected as a national park.
  • Glaciers cover approximately 10% of Iceland.

The Icelandic interior: waterfalls and hot springs

  • There are hundreds of waterfalls in the highlands.
  •  There are 15 geothermal hot spots in the Icelandic Highlands, creating colorful landscape with steam rising up from the ground. One of them, Landmannalaugar, is less than an hour drive from the Highland Center. Our guests frequently go there to bathe or hike the magical trails. Landmannalaugar translates to „The People‘s Pools“. It’s been a protected area since the 1979 due to its immense beauty. Read a blog about Landmannalaugar here.
  • There are over 20 active volcanoes in Iceland.
  • You need a car with a four-wheel drive to reach the Icelandic Highlands. The mountain roads in Iceland are called F-Roads. Many of them are gravel roads and in some cases the cars must be able to cross through rivers.
A twin room at the highland center hrauneyjar
The rooms at the Highland Center Hrauneyjar

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