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Háifoss Waterfall

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Drive from hotel

1.5 hrs


4×4 Car



The Fossá River cascades from the edge of the highlands into the narrow valley of Fossársdalur, at the head of the valley of the Þjórsá River. The river pours over steep cliffs in two falls, the larger one is named Háifoss (High Falls). It is 122 meters high and is the second highest in the country (after Glym in Hvalfjörður). The other fall, slightly lower, appears a short way from Háifoss and is named Granni.

The strata by the falls are nearly 2 million years old and are composed of thick, successive layers of lava lying on top of palagonite and compacted layers of volcanic ejecta that erupted before the ice age.

Facts about Háifoss waterfall

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From Hotel Rangá it takes approximately one hr. 30 min to drive to Háifoss waterfall. Drive towards Selfoss, before arriving i Selfoss turn right on to road 30 towards Flúðir, before arriving in Flúðir turn right on to road 32 towards Þjórsárdalur. Drive for approximately 30 min until you see a sign Laxárgljúfur. Turn left and continue for few hundred meters until you see a sign Háifoss. 

Yes you can, we recommend a 4×4 car. You can also book guided tours with local tour companies, please check with reception for tours available. 

It takes approximately 30 min on gravel roads (can take longer depending on road conditions), 4×4 cars are necessary. 

It is 122 meters high, second highest waterfall in Iceland. 

Distances to Háifoss waterfall

It takes approximately 1 hr. 30 min to drive to Háifoss from Hotel Rangá. It can take longer, depending on road conditions. Please check with reception what the roads are like before you leave. 

It takes approximately 2 hrs. 15 min to drive from Reykjavík to Háifoss, can take longer depending on road conditions. 

It takes approximately 30 min to drive from Háifoss waterfall to Gjáin. 4×4 cars are needed. 

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