Red and pink hot air balloon over the exterior of Hotel Rangá with purple lupine flowers in the foreground.

Sustainability at Hotel Rangá

Photo by Ingibjörg Friðriksdóttir

Sustainability at Hotel Rangá is one of our top priorities. We constantly look into our day-to-day operations and make every effort to utilize the most environmentally friendly solutions. Read more to find out the ways in which we are supporting both our planet and local community.

Photo by Hallur Karlsson

SLH Considerate Collection

Hotel Rangá is proud to be a member of the SLH Considerate Collection–a handpicked group of hotels that strive to go above and beyond in measures of sustainability. To be part of the collection, hotels must be community minded, cultural custodians and environmentally conscious. When making decisions regarding Hotel Rangá, we always consider what is best for our planet. Guests at Hotel Rangá can be confident in their decision to travel in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Photograph by Stefan Liebermann

Reduce, Renew, Recycle

Our policy focuses on three key tenets of sustainability – reduce, renew, recycle. First, we strive to minimize our environmental impact by reducing waste. For example, we have motion sensor lights in our corridors and energy efficient light bulbs. Second, we prioritize renewable energy sources. In fact, geothermal and hydroelectric energy powers our entire property. Finally, we always recycle as much waste as we are able. In short, by reducing waste, using renewable energy sources and recycling whenever possible we minimize our environmental impact.

Landmannalaugar South Iceland
Photograph by Paige Deasley

Go Green for the Environment

Iceland is a land of fire and ice, but these dramatic elements are more than just a scenic backdrop. For example, the country’s incredible quantity of rivers and glaciers are harnessed to produce hydroelectricity. What’s more, geothermal energy is easy to come by via Iceland’s large number of hot springs. In fact, 66% of Iceland’s primary energy use comes from geothermal sources. Therefore, only green and renewable energy sources are responsible for Hotel Rangá’s heating and operation.

Icelandic Suite
Photo by Paige Deasley

Choose Local

At Hotel Rangá we always prioritize local suppliers. From food to furniture, our choice to buy locally directly benefits the environment. Locally grown products require less transportation than products produced outside of Iceland. Therefore, air pollution and fuel consumption is reduced. At the same time, our choice to buy locally supports local businesses by putting resources back into the community. We are proud to support local Icelandic artists by decorating our property with incredible pieces of artwork. Moreover, many of our rooms feature furniture made by local artisans. For example, our Icelandic Suite features handmade furniture by Ólafur Sigurjónsson of Forsæti farm and wood carvings by local artist Sigríður Jóna Kristjánsdóttir.

Photo by Ása Steinarsdóttir

Fresh is Best

Our Rangá Restaurant is well-known for its emphasis on farm-to-table cuisine. We pride ourselves on sourcing the best Icelandic produce and game. In fact, local products are usually fresher and more nutritious. South Iceland is home to many geothermal greenhouses where fresh vegetables are grown year-round. Our nation also has a robust fishing industry. In fact, Hotel Rangá is located right beside the Rangá River – one of the top salmon rivers in the country. We are constantly aiming to serve locally caught fish and locally farmed meat. Our chefs even harvest wild arctic thyme on our property.

Photo by Ingibjörg Friðriksdóttir

Always Innovate and Adapt

At Hotel Rangá, we are committed to green initiatives and constantly updating our processes and procedures to reflect the newest innovations. For example, we no longer provide guests with plastic straws but instead offer paper straws. We also updated our lunch boxes so that they are entirely recyclable. What’s more, we recently ordered natural, plant-based and biodegradable slippers that will be available in June for our guests. Do you have any suggestions on how we could improve our green hotel policies? We are always on the lookout for the newest environmentally-friendly solutions. Let us know at this bottom of this page.

In conclusion, Hotel Rangá goes above and beyond in measures of sustainability. Through our efforts to support the environment, we hope to make our planet in the best condition possible for current and future generations.

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