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Going green at Hotel Rangá

Here at Hotel Rangá we see an ever growing interest in eco-friendly tourism among our guests. Some are curious about our practices and we want to provide some answers.


Renewable energy sources

Hotel Rangá utilizes only renewable energy sources. All electricity for the hotel’s operations comes from a nearby hydroelectric power station and all hot water for heating of the buildings and other needs comes from a nearby geothermal power station.


Local materials

We emphasize using local raw materials. The numerous greenhouses in South Iceland supply us with fresh vegetables year-round. In addition, we use salmon, Arctic char, seafood and meat from nearby areas. All the meat and dairy products we use are free of hormones or antibiotics. We sort all our waste to minimize impact on nature. In fact, our staff takes home much of the food waste to feed their farm animals.

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Reuse material

Our pillowcases and duvet covers get a second life at nearby village Hella’s elementary school. The children learn how to sew by making small bags for the yule lads out of the bed linens and the yule lads then use the bags to give our guests small treats.


Energy & plastic

We have already switched out all our light bulbs for more energy efficient ones and we are also decreasing our use of plastic – switching plastic straws to paper and plastic laundry bags to linen ones. We recently revamped our lunch boxes and now they are entirely biodegradable. We will soon have to-go cups with biodegradable lids and we try to limit all printing by using electronic communications and billing.


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Quality & Durability

We choose our furniture well. Rather then follow the winds of fashion we choose design that’s consistent with the spirit of Hotel Rangá, focusing on quality and durability. When something breaks we fix it rather than throw it away.


Nature is the world’s greatest luxury and we will continue to do our best to protect it.


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