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Dyrhólaey is a promontory off the Icelandic coast that has been made famous by its striking stone arch. The arch is directly over the sea and so large that boats and even small planes have been able to travel through its opening. Dyrhólaey is a remarkably beautiful natural phenomenon and one of Iceland’s most famous attractions.

From the top of Dyrhólaey, you can see amazing views of black sand beaches edging the powerful sea and glimpse the rocky mountains and glaciers such as Mýrdalsjökull that lie further inland. You will also notice an old lighthouse which is known as Dyrhólaeyjarviti This lighthouse is still functional and flashes a light every 10 seconds.

Dyrhólaey is also well-known for its fabulous bird life, and you are able to watch birds dive and soar nearby its rocky cliffs. You can expect to spot Eider Ducks year-round as well as the famous Puffin during the summer months. This is a great location for photography.

From Dyrhólaey you can view the Reynisdrangar rock formations – stunning towers of rock that jut out dramatically from the sea. The black sand beach Reynisfjara is located nearby Dyrhólaey, as is the small village of Vík. Reynisfjara beach is edged by beautiful basalt columns and the Hálsanefshellir sea cave. Be extremely careful and do not get near the water —huge waves crash ashore without warning and the current is very strong. 

FAQ about Dyrhólaey

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Dyrhólaey is a promontory located on the South Coast of Iceland, only one hour from Hotel Rangá. It rises 120 meters above sea level. 

Experience incredible views and amazing birdlife on a visit to Dyrhólaey. From atop the promontory you can see Mýrdalsjökull to the north, Reynisdrangar to the east and black sand beaches to the south.

From approximately May to August Dyrhólaey is known to be a nesting spot for puffins. However, Dyrhólaey is closed in the beginning of May so that puffins can have privacy to lay their eggs. Many other species live in the area year-round including eider ducks, Arctic-tern and black-backed gulls. 

During peak nesting season parts of Dyrhólaey are closed. The peak nesting seasons changes every year;  please check with our with reception prior to your visit to Dyrhólaey and we will inform you about the exact dates. Usually, parts of Dyrhólaey are closed from May 1st to May 12th and then there can be limited access until the middle of June. The lower part of the promontory is open to car traffic, but the higher part is only open for travelers on foot during limited hours (09:00-19:00). Once nesting season is over in mid June, Dyrhólaey is again open 24 hours.

FAQ about Dyrhólaey

It is a one hour drive from Hotel Rangá to Dyrhólaey.

It takes approximately 25 minutes to drive from Dyrhólaey to Vík. 

It takes approximately 22 minutes to drive from Dyrhólaey to Reynisfjara black sand beach. 

It takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes to drive from Reykjavík to Dyrhólaey. 

It takes approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes to drive from Dyrhólaey to the glacier lagoon.

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