Iceland Dream Wedding: The Wedding with the Blue Boots - Hotel Rangá


Wedding couple wearing blue boots and wedding clothes stand in the river underneath Skógafoss.

Iceland Dream Wedding: The Wedding with the Blue Boots

Alexander Parkes and Margo Pare tied the knot at Hotel Rangá in August 2017. It was a beautiful and intimate wedding that included a sightseeing tour for the happy couple and their guests. We loved hosting this gorgeous duo and often reminisce about their gorgeous photoshoot under Skógarfoss where Margo paired her wedding dress with bright blue boots. Below, Margo shares their origin story, their engagement story and of course, the story of how they ended up getting married in Iceland.

Plan your Iceland dream wedding at Hotel Rangá. Our dedicated wedding coordinator will be there to assist you every step of the way. Keep reading to learn about the wedding with the blue boots.

A wedding couple in front of Skógafoss Waterfall

Photo by Bragi Thor

A will they/won’t they love story

“Our love story starts how all love stories start… with a text to the wrong number! I had just started working at the Student Union bar at University that Alex worked at in 2009. Phone numbers were shared between colleagues when someone needed to plead for a shift to be covered and such. So it was natural that we had each other’s numbers.

The time was finally right one year after that fateful text. Something serious and natural grew out of a mistaken text. My parents were coming to visit and I wanted to know the opening times of the bar. I knew that there was an ‘Alex’ that always seemed to be on shift. So I decided to text him to ask for the opening times. Although he wasn’t the Alex I thought I had texted, he replied.

The brides-made celebrating at Hotel Rangá
Picture by Bragi Thor / Iceland Wedding Photo.

That one text opened up a year filled with constant texting, almost daily. Sharing the trials and tribulations of student life with each other.  Seeing each other regularly on staff social events and out with friends. But never one on one. We flirted, we became friends but there was always something (or someone) that stopped it from being the right time to take our impromptu friendship one step further. I remember sharing almost everything with him via text and pretending to fall asleep. Just so I could reply to his message the next day and make the conversation carry on another day. Something it took me a few years to admit.

The time was finally right one year after that fateful text and something serious and natural grew out of a mistaken text. There was no pressure, no expectation and I think it took us both by surprise when things become serious.”

Proposal mid-crumpet

“The proposal came on the morning of Saturday, the 17th October 2015; six years after meeting and five years after making our impromptu friendship something more serious. We were due to fly to Venice the next day and I was preparing my outfits in my head. I had made sure I had my nails done and that we were going to visit as many romantic places as possible. I thought this had to be it: ‘The proposal’ that I had been hinting at for years. Had he finally taken all those subtle hints? I’d almost given up hope but no, he was taking me to Venice – the city of love, right? I was half right!

Alex knows that I normally take on the role of the chief packer (so I can sneak some of my clothes into his for more space) and with only hand luggage allowance getting an engagement ring past airport security was probably going to be easier than getting it past me when packing! So, Alex decided to make me breakfast in bed and he proposed as I was mid crumpet. It was perfect, I was completely taken by surprise and it meant we could go share the news with our families before we jetted off and celebrated in Venice.”

The bride posing by a window in the hotel suite
Picture by Bragi Thor / Iceland Wedding Photo.

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Why plan an Iceland dream wedding?

“We first visited Iceland in February 2015 and immediately fell in love with the country. Alex was the first to suggest a wedding in Iceland and I laughed it off saying I would never get married abroad. We visited a range of UK venues with our parents and as we saw more and more venues that just ‘weren’t us’ I started to question if an idea abroad was such a bad idea.

A wedding photo at a black beach in Iceland
Picture by Bragi Thor / Iceland Wedding Photo.

After hours of research and endless conversations about what we wanted to prioritize in a wedding (intimate ceremony and amazing photos to last a lifetime!), we put the idea of getting married in Iceland to our friends and family. After a positive reception, we made the decision to take the plunge and arrange a wedding in Iceland.

Hotel Rangá stood out for us. The location with the mountains and volcanoes in the background and the fresh river running close by took our breath away. We didn’t look back after making our decision and upon reflection, we would make the same decision over and over again in a heartbeat.”

Iceland Dream Wedding: The big day!

“Hotel Rangá’s wedding coordinator, Eyrún, was an absolute star and dream to work with. Our almost daily emails became a staple of my morning routine – check my inbox for replies from Eyrún. They were always there and always comprehensive, answering all of my questions with care from the very small details to the bigger decisions we made.

As soon as I made an inquiry with Hotel Rangá we received an extensive information pack with prices which covered everything from accommodation, food, flowers, and recommendations for photographers. It had everything we needed all at once, which also aided our decision in having our wedding at Hotel Rangá. Nothing was ever too much to ask and the wedding coordinator was really supportive in planning our day. Hair and makeup were planned and organized in a private room upstairs, the serving staff was amazing and the food was exceptional.

The wedding couple getting married at Hotel Rangá
Picture by Bragi Thor / Iceland Wedding Photo.

To make our wedding day a bit different (and because I love a good geography trip) we took our guests to two waterfalls and the black sand beach for photographs. Even though we were a little late for dinner, the wedding coordinator didn’t make us feel as though it was a problem and the food was outstanding. My brother and cousins had organized to film messages from family and friends who could not be there and it was lovely to watch after our meal.

The wedding party in Icelandic nature
Picture by Bragi Thor / Iceland Wedding Photo.

We have the woolen bride and groom, a gift from Hotel Rangá. It is the pride of place in our front room at home. It reminds us of how thoughtful the wedding coordinator was with the gifts that Hotel Rangá gave us. The room was made up of candles and rose petals too and it was a lovely way to finish our wedding day.

People still talk about what an amazing day it was and we can’t thank Hotel Rangá enough. We promise to come back soon – if only for the amazing waffles at breakfast!

Dare to be different

“My advice for anyone getting married in Iceland is to do it! It is a once in a lifetime experience that wedding guests will be talking about for years to come. The photographs are amazing and don’t be afraid to be a little different.

The happy couple just married at Hotel Rangá Iceland
Picture by Bragi Thor / Iceland Wedding Photo.

As for Hotel Rangá – nothing is ever too much and all the staff took really good care of us. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone thinking of staying there. We just wish we could have our wedding over again. Ask the silly questions and become friends.”

Are you hearing wedding bells? For further information about booking your Iceland dream wedding at Hotel Rangá we recommend our wedding page. Our wedding coordinator is also available,


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