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Caves in Iceland

Photo by Caves of Hella

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Did you know that there are ancient caves in Iceland? These caves were all created by humans; however, it is a bit of a mystery who created them, and why. What’s more, some of these fascinating caves are located mere minutes from Hotel Rangá.

In the town of Hella, there are twelve caves on the land of Ægissíða. Four caves have been opened to the public and are thought to be some of Iceland’s oldest archaeological remains. You can book a tour at the Caves of Hella to learn more about these unique structures.

If you travel on further north to Laugarvatnshellar you will find two more caves, which could potentially date back to the year 874.

For many years the caves were used as shelter by shepherds, and in the early 1900s two different Icelandic couples transformed the Laugarvatnshellar caves into a small homestead and were known as The Cave People.

Contact the Hotel Rangá reception today to book a tour and learn more about Iceland’s many caves and their history. 


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Various Caves Tours

Various tours are available year-round. We partner only with reputable tour companies that ensure the safety, comfort, and satisfaction of our guests. Reach out to our front desk concierge today to book your dream tour.

Caves of Hella

Tour duration

1 hour

Drive from hotel

10 min




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ISK 4.900 pp

The Cave People

Tour duration

25 min

Drive from hotel

1 hour




Price from

ISK 2.000 pp

Frequently asked questions about the cave tours


It does depend on the tours selected

It does depend on the tours selected

Yes, all trips can be tailored to your skill levels & wishes. Reach out to our concierge for assistance.

Yes, we can arrange a pick-up from the hotel at additional cost

Yes, you can bring your camera and a phone

With your safety in mind we reserve the right to cancel this tour due to bad weather conditions

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