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Icelandic children holding on to a white fence in Reykjavík.

Summer Festivals in Iceland: Iceland in August 2019

August in Iceland is a great time to savor the last days of the summer season, and there are numerous festivals around the country to help you do just that. We love helping our guests to go off the beaten path—heading to a local festival is the perfect way to experience authentic Icelandic culture. Pick a festival that suits your style and soon you will be feasting on traditional meat soup, listening to an amazing outdoor concert or watching fireworks with hundreds of other merrymakers.

There are many summer festivals in Iceland. In fact, almost every town has its own special festival. Keep reading to learn about some fun festivals in the area around Hotel Rangá luxury hotel.

Hotel Rangá at summer time
Photo by Ingibjörg Friðriksdóttir

Festivals close to Hotel Rangá

What brings people together more than good food? At the Töðugjöld and Kjötsúpuhátíðin festivals in the towns of Hella and Hvolsvöllur, residents work together to prepare traditional Icelandic delicacies in the spirit of celebration. The Kjötsúpuhátíðin festival in Hvolsvöllur is specifically dedicated to Icelandic meat soup. This is a hearty meal featuring lamb, potatoes, and turnips. At both festivals, townspeople open their homes and share delicious dishes with the public. Walk between households and chat with locals over plates of traditional foods. You might even be offered a glass of Icelandic schnapps to sip. Enjoy your tipple while the local troubadour sings folk songs late into the evening.

Before you visit our neighboring towns, learn how to pronounce the names of towns in Iceland.

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Reykjavík Pride Festival August 8 – 17

Reykjavík Pride celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2019. It is one of the most popular festivals in Iceland with over 100,000 guests in attendance from many corners of the globe. The festival promotes visibility for the LGBT community and celebrates the right to live and love as you choose. Events include drag shows, discussions about the ongoing fight for equality, open-mic nights, and more. The festival culminates with the fantastic Reykjavík Pride Parade on August 17. Filled with spectacularly decorated floats, amazing fashion ensembles, and a welcoming atmosphere, the Pride Parade is a sight worth seeing.

Reykjavik Pride Parade 2019


Verslunarmannahelgin – Tradesmen’s Weekend August 3 – 5

Iceland´s biggest travel weekend of the year, Verslunarmannahelgin or Tradesmen´s Weekend, takes place on the first weekend of August. This public holiday originally negotiated by labor unions for trade workers has evolved into a long weekend filled with outdoor festivals all around the country. The largest festival known as Þjóðhátíð is held in the Westman Islands, just a short distance from Hotel Rangá. Featuring long days filled with celebratory bonfires, fireworks, and live music, this is one party that you don´t want to miss. The final Sunday night celebration includes an epic hillside sing-along, as over 10,000 festival-goers join in song under the night sky.

Every year Icelandic musicians create a new song for the festival. Ástin á sér stað was the song of Þjóðhátíð 2016, by Sverrir Bergmann, Friðrik Dór and Albatross.


Menningarnótt – Culture Night August 24

Reykjavík´s Menningarnótt or Culture Night is a day-long celebration of the arts with a fantastic selection of cultural events spread throughout the city center. Walk through downtown Reykjavík and perhaps you will stumble across an art installation, a live concert or even a piece of theatre being performed on the city´s streets. With the slogan “Come on in!” you are more than welcome to partake—all events are free and open to the public. Attendees are encouraged to explore, and the city bus Strætó is free of charge during the festival. The night always ends with a glorious fireworks display over the harbor.

The fireworks at The Reykjavík Culture Nights:


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