Iceland Art Hotel - Hotel Rangá


A sitting area in Hotel Rangá flanked by a huge handmade quilt featuring a design of Iceland.

Iceland Art Hotel

Iceland is a renowned destination for artists who travel from the distant corners of the globe to experience this unique island’s exceptional beauty. Over time, Hotel Rangá has become popular with artists who draw, paint, photograph and capture the essence of Iceland in various creative forms. Within the hotel you will find a private collection of art which includes the work of ceramicists, sculptors, textile designers, artists, photographers and artisans.

Hotel Rangá is proud to display art made by locals. Find incredible wall murals, textiles and paintings throughout our property in south Iceland.

Artwork by artist Arngunnur Ýr that shows the volcano Hekla bathed in Northern lights.
The piece, by artist Arngunnur Ýr, shows one of Hotel Rangá’s neighboring volcano’s Hekla, bathed in Northern lights.

As you explore Hotel Rangá in south Iceland, make sure to notice at the incredible art on our walls. Most of these pieces of art are by Icelanders, whether by birth or residency.

King bed in a Hotel Rangá Deluxe room with mural of Icelandic horses on the far wall.
This hand painted mural depicts shaggy Icelandic horses on a winter’s day.

In almost all of our 52 rooms, you will also find hand-painted murals by local artists. These paintings show Icelandic scenes such as puffins on the Westman Islands, Icelandic horses, reindeer and the northern lights. In other rooms, you will see murals of the volcanic landscape, wild lupine, elegant swans and swimming salmon.

The wooden harp chair, located at the bar, is one of many local artworks at our hotel

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You should also remember to look down. Hotel Rangá boasts several gorgeous rugs by designer Sigrun Lara Shanko. These textiles depict glaciers, volcanoes, lava, and the wild untamable Icelandic landscape. From the ceramics used in the Rangá Restaurant to the patchwork map of Iceland in the lobby, art and design infuse the ethos of Hotel Rangá.

To learn more about art our hotel we recommend our page Art at Hotel Rangá.

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