Hikers walking beside a glacier in south Iceland.

Nature tours in Iceland

Iceland is renowned for its natural beauty. Beneath rugged snow-capped peaks, its black sand stands in stark contrast to vivid green fields and woodlands, sprinkled with tiny bright wildflowers.

Nature tours in Iceland give visitors an up close view of our incredible natural surroundings. The best way to experience Iceland’s incredible natural beauty is with an expert guide. Keep reading to learn more about booking a nature tour through Hotel Rangá.

Nature tours in Iceland: flora and fauna

One of the best ways to explore the countryside is with a knowledgeable local guide. If nature is your passion, the Hotel Rangá staff can arrange a tour of the terrain with a local expert ecologist. They will explain in detail the fragile ecosystems and captivating flora and fauna found in southern Iceland.

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A portrait of Magnus Johannsson guide from MudShark Tours
Magnus H. Jóhannsson runs MudShark Tours for more information on his nature and fishing expeditions contact Hotel Rangá reception.

Nature tours in Iceland: a local expert

Magnus H. Jóhannsson, a local Ph.D. botanist and ecologist, often accompanies visitors on nature tours and provides an unforgettable insight into the region’s diverse and intriguing landscape. From flowers to fish, waterfalls to whales, Magnus offers a wealth of local knowledge and delivers it in an entertaining and informative manner:

“Throughout the centuries, due to overuse and the island’s harsh climate, Iceland’s ecosystems have deteriorated and the wind has taken a toll. Today, Icelanders have worked hard to halt the most severe erosion. In many places we have successfully restored degraded ecosystems. This brings new beauty and function back to landscapes that once were artificial deserts. Thankfully we can now see positive signs of renewal. For example, in the spring we can spot, Vetrarblóm or the Winter Flower (Saxifraga oppositifolia). It’s not very tall or showy, but look closely and you’ll find it’s quite beautiful. Like many of Iceland’s hardy plants, it’s also surprisingly delicate.

Three sheep stand in the highlands of Iceland.
During the summer, Icelandic sheep roam free. Photo by Gunnar – Icelandic Explorer.

The Golden Plover in Iceland

Whilst out and about on a nature tour you will also see many interesting birds. One of the most beloved Icelandic birds is the Golden Plover or Lóa in Icelandic. To Icelanders this bird, with its characteristic song, is a sure sign of spring. Every Icelander knows the song about the Lóa, “Lóan er komin,” which thaws the frozen heart of winter and tells us that better times are ahead.”

Each nature tour is different depending on the time of year, weather conditions and of course the interests of the visitor. Why not take time outdoors getting under the skin of Iceland’s ever changing ecology. Book a nature tour with Magnus and experience a personal overview of this complex and enthralling natural environment.

This time we are ending with the song – Lóan er komin.

Waterfall in Nauthúsagil ravine located in south Iceland.
The Nauthúsagil ravine is home to several beautiful waterfalls. Photo by Paige Deasley.

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