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Glass filled with tomato cocktail and basket of cherry tomatoes at Friðheimar Tomato Farm.

Friðheimar Tomato Farm: A Homegrown Harvest

Savor a feast of flavours at Friðheimar tomato greenhouse. A glowing beacon amidst the dark winter landscape, Friðheimar harnesses the power of nature, producing delicious crops of tomatoes all the year around.

Friðheimar tomato farm is located in the town of Reykholt in south Iceland. It is a lovely place to stop for a bowl of soup and a tour of the abundant tomato plants.

A tomato cocktail at Friðheimar tomato farm.
The thermal tomato greenhouses at Friðheimar offer a unique experience for any foodie.

Friðheimar tomato farm: A family business

The farm is a family business through and through. Spouses Knútur and Helena are passionate about their small business and always prioritize sustainability. In fact, Friðheimar uses green energy, pure water and organic pest controls to produce fresh, flavorsome tomatoes. Visitors can take a tour around the greenhouses at the tomato farm and see the tomatoes up close. Relax in the Mediterranean-like warmth and enjoy a sensational homegrown lunch in the family run restaurant.

What’s more, visitors can also enjoy a cheeky shot of schnapps served in a fresh tomato. Or sample one of the tomato based cocktails such as a Happy Mary: a winning formula of green tomato juice, Hendricks Gin and bitter lemon.

Busy bees at Friðheimar

In order to produce fruit, tomatoes need bees. These little creatures pollinate the tomato flowers by vibrating their bodies against the plants to release pollen. Though humans can pollinate tomato plants by hand, studies have shown that it’s more effective to use bees. Friðheimar tomato farm imports about 600 bees from Holland every few weeks. These busy worker bees can visit up to 2,000 tomato flowers in one day. If you see the bees while you are visiting Friðheimar, don’t be alarmed. These creatures are happily doing their job and are very unlikely to sting anyone.

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Friðheimar tomato farm: Delicious tomato soup

For a light lunch indulge in the mouth-watering Friðheimar tomato soup served with sour cream, home baked bread, cucumber salsa all presented with your very own basil plant – scissors on the side. The restaurant also serves delicious pastas, pies and ice-creams all with a tomato edge twist.

Man pruning leaves from tomato plants at Friðheimar tomato farm in south Iceland.
Watch the farmers at work when you visit Friðheimar tomato farm.

All in all, the Friðheimar tomato farm experience is a warming retreat, the perfect pick-me-up for those traveling in the winter moths where daylight is all too short and sweet.

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