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Langisjór Lake

Photo by Magnús Kári

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Langisjór Lake is located in the Highlands of Iceland. Hotel Rangá is a wonderful home base for guests who want to explore Iceland’s beautiful highland interior. The lake is around 20 km in length and up to 2 km wide, with a total surface area of about 26 km² and a depth of 75m at its deepest point. Langisjór Lake is situated rather far from civilisation at the south-western border of Vatnajökull at an altitude of 670 m above sea level. Despite being located quite far from civilization, the environment is extremely beautiful and worth a visit. During the winter months Langisjór Lake is only accessible by Super Jeeps.

FAQ about Langisjór

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Langisjór is a large lake in the highlands and one of the clearest lakes in Iceland

The area around Langisjór is a very popular hiking are and it is easy to walk around the lake. There is also a possibility to fish in the lake.

Distances about Langisjór

Langisjór lake is only accessible by 4WD jeeps and from Fjallabaksleið Nyðri road no 208 that runs through Landmannalaugar 

Like many things in Iceland it is depending on the weather, but the roads are usually open from June through August and during winter a super jeep is necessary for exploring this area

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