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Hrafntinnusker Mountain Range

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Hrafntinnusker is a uniquely beautiful mountain located in the Icelandic Highlands. In fact, you can hike to Hrafntinnusker from Landmannalaugar on the Laugavegur hiking route. The English name for Hrafntinnusker is Obsidian Skerry, and the mountain is situated just south of the Obsidian Lava Field (Hrafntinnuhraun). These black glass rocks are formed after rhyolite magma cools very quickly in an eruption. Hraftinnusker is surrounded by a lot of geothermal activity including hot springs and steam vents. However, there is also a small glacier on top of the mountain. There are many ice caves in the area due to this mixture of frozen water and geothermal activity. Unfortunately, these ice caves are unsafe and it is not recommended to enter the caves. In the winter months, you can also access Hrafntinnusker via a Super Jeep.

Facts about Hrafntinnusker


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Hrafntinnusker is a mountain in the Icelandic highlands. You can actually hike to the mountain from Landmannalaugar. Hrafntinnusker derives its name from the black glass rock, obsidian, that is formed when rhyolite magma cools down very fast in an eruption. 

Yes, in the summer you can drive to Hrafntinnusker in a 4×4 vehicle. However, we highly recommend that you book a guided tour with a local tour company.  Ask in the Hotel Rangá reception and we can assist you to book the best tour. 

Distances to Hrafntinnusker

It takes approximately 3 hours to drive from Hotel Rangá to Hrafntinnusker. The mountains is only accessible via 4×4 vehicle. In the winter months, you can only access the mountain via a Super Jeep. 

It takes approximately 4 hrs. to drive from Reykjavík to Hrafntinnusker. It is only accessible by super jeep. 

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