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Midnight Sun Catchers Wanted

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Are you the one we are looking for?

Hotel Rangá is seeking its first official Midnight Sun Catcher. Similar to our Northern Lights Catcher Competition, we are inviting aspiring photographers to spend 10 days capturing one of the world‘s greatest wonders, Iceland’s Midnight Sun.

During Iceland’s summer months, the sun barely sets – providing endless opportunities for daytime adventure photography. This is a great opportunity for new photographers to build up their photography portfolio. 

In exchange for providing content of the Midnight Sun at the hotel, the winner of the Midnight Sun Catcher Competition will receive free room and board.

What’s more, the Midnight Sun Catcher will also get the opportunity to explore the photogenic land of fire and ice on their days off. Iceland’s remarkable landscape offers a myriad of incredible places to shoot – glacier-volcanoes, black sand beaches, highland hot springs and more.


Last winter we advertised for a Northern Lights Catchers and received so many applications that we ended up inviting two photographers instead of one. You can read their about their Iceland experience on our blog: Photographing the Northern Lights with Paige Deasley and Photographing the Northern Lights with Stefan Liebermann.

Please submit your application by 15th of May.



Closed for applications

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