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Iceland With Kids: Activities for All Ages

Hotel Rangá is the perfect base for families exploring the South Coast. With many adventures to choose from, we can help you plan activities tailored to children of all ages. Take a dip in a local swimming pool, ride an Icelandic horse or drive a buggy on a black sand beach—your kids will be sure to have a great time exploring Iceland.

Traveling with kids in Iceland

Five Take Flight share their Rangá experience

The Tillotson family doesn’t settle for your average family holiday. In 2017, parents Derek and Kenzie sold their Utah home to bring big brother Porter, funny man Beckett, and little sister Wren on the adventure of a lifetime, traveling to 38 countries in 54 weeks. And what was their first international stop? Well Iceland of course!

Pompeii of the North: The Westman Islands

The Westman Islands, or Vestmannaeyjar in Icelandic, is an archipelago of 15 islands located just off the south coast of Iceland. Out of the 15, only one is inhabited year round: the island of Heimaey. There you will find a community of 4.000 that has prospered from a thriving fishing industry. With stunning landscapes, charming villages and the largest puffin colony of the world, these small yet enchanting islands offer a variety of activities and attractions for visitors.

Myths, Magic & Legends

The population of Iceland is currently 334,252 according to government figures. However, if folklore is to be believed and you count trolls, elves, and hidden people, then the actual number of Icelandic beings living on this volcanic land may be significantly higher. Of course, the chance of catching sight of one of these magical creatures is pretty low but this doesn’t mean they do not exist, just that they are rather hard to track down.

Super Jeep Adventure

Take to the road and see the best Southern Iceland has to offer with a powerful “Super-Jeep Safari”. Your personal guide will take you on an unforgettable adventure both on and off-road in an oversized Sport Utility Vehicles which has been specially modified to deal with the rugged terrain of Iceland’s volcanic landscape.

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