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A woman hikes on a bluff high above a black sand beach in south Iceland.

Summer in Iceland What to Expect

Want to know more about what to expect on your summer trip to Iceland? Keep reading to learn about the amazing adventures and day trips you can book during your stay at Hotel Rangá.
Hotel Rangá on a bright summer day
Photo by Ingibjörg Friðriksdóttir

Summer in Iceland is the favorite season of many Icelanders, and it is easy to understand why. Wildflowers begin to bloom, the temperature gets higher and the days grow longer. This is the season of Iceland’s famous midnight sun. In fact, on Iceland’s summer solstice, it is as if the sun barely sets.

Summer at Hotel Rangá

At Hotel Rangá, we love to share the summer fun with all our guests. Our reception staff can help you book the most amazing tours to see some of Iceland’s hidden gems. From waterfalls to black sand beaches, glacier summits and more – an Icelandic summer is one that you will not forget.

Explore during the day and spend your nights at our luxury property. Our Rangá Restaurant offers a gourmet dining experience that highlights local Icelandic products. What’s more, our geothermal hot tubs are the perfect spot to relax under the midnight sun with a speciality cocktail.

Hotel Rangá under the midnight sun
Photo by Ingibjörg Friðriksdóttir

Summer Weather in Iceland

While flip flops and tank tops are suitable for a summer by the beach, an Icelandic summer requires a little more clothing. Average temperatures in summer range between 10 -15 C (50 – 59 F). On sunny days, it can feel quite warm and comfortable. On the other hand, summer storms can lower the temperature and require warmer clothing.

At Hotel Rangá, we recommend that you bring layers. It is good to pack warm base layers, a good sweater and a waterproof jacket. Don’t forget a pair of gloves, scarf and a hat – if you decide to visit one of Iceland’s many glaciers or take a trip to the highlands, things can get a little chilly.

Woman wearing Icelandic sweater with Icelandic horse
Photograph by Dennis Welsh

Summer Sweaters

If you forget to pack something, there are plenty of local options. Many gas stations sell Icelandic wool products. You can even visit the woolmarket Litla Lopasjoppan to pick out a beautiful handmade Icelandic sweater made with Icelandic wool. These sweaters are called lopapeysa and come in a variety of colors and patterns. They are cozy and warm – every Icelander has a lopapeysa and they definitely come in handy during chilly days.

Hotel Rangá under the midnight sun
Photo by Ingibjörg Friðriksdóttir

Explore Under the Midnight Sun

Summer in Iceland is famous for its midnight sun. After the winter solstice, the days grow longer until they peak during the summer solstice in June. Why does this phenomenon take place? It is because Iceland is located so close to the Arctic Circle.

During the height of the summer months in Iceland, the sun just barely sets. Instead, we experience a lovely never-ending dusk. In fact, this type of light is amazing for photography. Did you know we are currently searching for a Midnight Sun Catcher to capture shots of Hotel Rangá and the surrounding countryside?

Landmannalaugar South Iceland
Photograph by Paige Deasley

Summer in Iceland – Epic Adventures

More daylight means more time for epic Iceland adventures. It can be fun to explore and experience Iceland’s most famous attractions during less typical visiting hours. You can visit a local hot spring or beautiful waterfall when you would usually be getting ready for bed. Make incredible memories of visiting unforgettable locations under the midnight sun.

Sheep in the highlands of Iceland
Photo by Gunnar – Icelandic Explorer

Cuteness Overload – Icelandic Animals

In Iceland, lambing season begins in May. During this time, farmers are working around the clock to help sheep deliver their newborn lambs. As you drive across the country, you will see baby lambs jumping about on the green grass and enjoying the sun. This is one of the sweetest sights and very fun for kids to experience.

Icelandic horses
Photo by Jack Anstey

Ride a Horse Under the Midnight Sun

During the summer months, a horseback ride is a great way to see the Icelandic countryside. Our Hotel Rangá receptionists can help you to book a ride at a local farm. The Icelandic horse is famous for its unique gait known as tölt. This gait is extremely smooth and comfortable for the rider. As a matter of fact, not every horse is able to tölt – those horses that have this special gait are considered special.

Arctic Fox
Photo by Gunnar – Icelandic Explorer

Keep an Eye Out for the Arctic Fox

Iceland does not have many wild animals. In fact, the Arctic fox is the only land animal native to Iceland. Arctic foxes are usually very shy, and it is quite rare to spot one in the wild. However, it is worth keeping an eye out – you never know if you might spot one of these cute creatures.

Puffin in Iceland
Photo by Ingibjörg Friðriksdóttir

Summertime is Puffin Season

Have you always wanted to see a puffin? If you are visiting Iceland in the summer, you are in luck. As a matter of fact, a large number of puffins nest in Iceland during the spring and summer. You can find them along Iceland’s south coast. We highly recommend that you book a day trip to the Westman Islands as it is an excellent spot for puffin spotting. In fact, there is even a puffin observatory on the main island, Heimaey!

Summer in Iceland – Tours and Adventures

Summer in Iceland offers visitors an incredible variety of adventures and tours. The incredible natural beauty in our country is unparalleled. From fishing to buggy tours, Super Jeep excursions or even snowmobiling – there is something for everyone.

Hiking in Iceland
Photo by Robb Leahy

Hike in the Icelandic Highlands

In the summer, many Icelanders love to take advantage of the weather and go hiking. In fact, there are some fantastic hikes located nearby Hotel Rangá. If you are looking for a more strenuous experience, you can hike up the nearby mountain Þríhyrningur or book a guided hike on the Fimmvörðuháls trail. If a more leisurely hike is more your scene, you can walk alongside the beautiful Rangá River located just behind Hotel Rangá.

Day Trip to the Westman Islands

A day trip to the Westman Islands also offers some amazing hiking options – from the easier loop around the Eldfell volcano to the more difficult (and very high!) hike up Heimaklettur. The Westman Islands also have some delicious dining options and a fascinating museum about the 1973 volcanic eruption of Eldfell. What’s more, the ferry ride itself is incredibly beautiful. It is an unforgettable experience to sail into the islands’ harbor and see tiny sheep grazing on tall cliffs!

Buggy ride South Coast of Iceland
Photo by Robb Leahy

Buggy Tours, Snowmobiling and More

Are you looking for a fun adrenaline rush? Why not try a buggy ride on a black sand beach? Super Jeep tours are an amazing option to guests who want to visit Iceland’s incredible highlands. You can even go snowmobiling on a nearby glacier. Yes, even in the summer!

Photo by Ingibjörg Friðriksdóttir

Salmon Fishing in the Summer

Are you a fishing enthusiast? The Rangá River located directly behind Hotel Rangá is one of the top salmon rivers in the country. Contact our reception staff if you are interested in fishing. In order to fish, you need to book a guide who will provide you with the proper fishing gear including waders and a rod.

Summer is a magical time to visit Iceland. What’s more, Hotel Rangá is perfectly situated for guests to experience all the top sights along Iceland’s south coast. Experience beautiful waterfalls, epic black sand beaches and unique rock formations. There is a never-ending amount of amazing activities to try during the long summer days. Return back to our luxury property and relax in style amongst the beautiful Icelandic countryside.

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