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Staying in Room Zero – the Royal Suite

Out of Hotel Rangá’s eight Junior and Master suites, there’s only one that doesn’t have a theme. The Royal Suite, which has the room number zero, is also the hotel’s first suite and was built in 2002.
The Royal Suite at Hotel Rangá
The Royal Suite was the first master suite at Hotel Rangá’s

“We decided to make it pretty big, around 74m2, and in a style similar to the hotel’s at the time,” says hotelier Friðrik Pálsson. The room has quite a high ceiling, owing to the suggestion of the hotel’s electrician who suggested hiding a girder with a curved surface. “We decided to have a bathtub out in the middle of the room, a beautiful Jacuzzi, and then French doors in front of it to the East.


The bathtub in the Royal Suite at Hotel Rangá
The bathtub in the Royal Suite


The Royal Suite offers exquisite views of the notorious Eyjafjallajökull volcano and of the Rangá river. In spring, guests may also open the doors to find red-necked phalaropes and grey phalaropes swimming on the small pond close by.


View over Eyjafjallajökull glacier and volcano and a small pond at Hotel Rangá.
The view from our Royal Suite over Eyjafjallajökull volcano and our small pond where birds nest in summer time.


The room is decorated with works from many of Hotel Rangá’s favorite artists and furnished with beautiful pieces from the US and Canada. There’s an especially inviting king size bed and two sofa beds, so it’s not unusual for groups or families of up to six people to stay in the room.


The living room in Hotel Rangá's Royal Suite
The living room in Hotel Rangá’s Royal Suite


The suite’s bathroom also boasts two showers which often become a topic of conversation. For example, Friðrik got a visit from a travel agent and his wife not long after the suite opened.“I was showing them the suite and when the travel agent saw the showers he said they were a marvellous idea,” Friðrik says.

“It’s brilliant having them side by side,” the travel agent said. “I always take turns making the shower hot and cold in the morning and this way I could just go between the two.” Then, Friðrik says, the travel agent’s wife looked sweetly at her husband and said: “You’ve always been so romantic darling.”

To go on a virtual visit to our Royal Suite go to the Master Suite Page.


The bathroom in Hotel Rangá's Royal Suite
The bathroom in our Royal Suite is spacious with two showers


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