Surtsey Island, the Earth’s Youngest Island

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Surtsey is known as the Earth’s youngest island. In fact, Surtsey is a volcanic island that was formed following an undersea eruption 130 meters (426 feet) deep. Icelandic fishermen first noticed the undersea eruption on November 14th, 1963. The eruption continued until 1967 when Surtsey reached its maximum size. Ever since Surtsey first emerged from the ocean, the island has been monitored and studied. Scientists track plant life and more to get a better understanding about the development of a brand new island. However, access to the island is strictly limited so as to not interfere with the island’s natural evolution.

FAQ about Surtsey Island

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Since the eruption in 1963, scientists have tried to minimize human disruption on the island. Scientists want to study the colonization by plants and animals, as well as shaping of geological formations and more. 

No, no one lives on Surtsey. Only a small number of scientists are allowed to visit Surtsey island every year, and they only stay for several days at a time. The only way visitors can catch a glimpse of the mysterious volcanic island is via boat or plane.

Surtsey is a volcanic island that was formed during an undersea eruption in 1963. The eruption lasted until 1967 when Surtsey reached its maximum size of 1.4 km2 (0.54 sq mi).

Distances from Surtsey Island

No, it is not possible to visit Surtsey island. Only a small number of scientists are allowed to visit Surtsey. However, it is possible to book  flights or boat tours that will take you close to the island. There is a Surtsey visitor center on Heimaey (Westman Islands) that is worth a visit. 

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