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Surtsey Island, the Earth’s Youngest Island

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On the 14th of November, 1963 Icelandic seamen, that were fishing about 20 km southwest of Heimaey island observed the beginnings of an undersea eruption that originated at a 130 meters depth. Surtsey island is not only one of the world’s newest islands, but the most filmed and researched and one of the most restricted. Ever since the eruption in 1963 which heaved it up out of the waters 18km (11 miles) south-west of Heimaey, its progress has been monitored. This has been giving scientists a fascinating insight into how a new island evolves, how flora and fauna develop and so on. Because of this very few people are now allowed to visit the island, and special permits are only granted for scientific research.

FAQ about Surtsey Island

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Since the eruption in 1963, scientists have tried to minimize human disruption on the island in order  to study the colonization by plants and animals, as well as shaping of geological formations, biotic succession and more. 

Only a small number of scientists are allowed on the Island, the only way anyone else can see it closely is by boat (close to the shore) or by plane. 

Surtsey is a volcanic Island that formed in a volcanic eruption in 1963. The eruption lasted until 1967 when the Island reached its maximum size 2,7 km2       

Distances from Surtsey Island

Only a small number of scientists are allowed on the Island, it is possible to book  flights or boat tours that will take you close to the Island. There is a Surtsey visitor center on Heimaey (Westman Islands) that is worth a visit. 

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