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The humble wooden church Strandakirkja on the southwest coast on the road between Þorlákshöfn and Grindavík has been central in many seamen’s prayers for centuries. The original church is said to have been built by seamen in peril whose prayers for rescue were answered by an angel that appeared on the shore and guided them to land (“The guiding light of those who sail the sea”). The conception of the church has formatted hagiographies that testify the danger of life that seamen have had to endure in the stormy waters of this sometimes violent coastline. People from all over the world still pledge donations to Strandakirkja in hope of help in times of trouble. This wealthy little church (the richest in Iceland) and its mesmerizing surroundings are truly worth a visit. 

FAQ about Strandarkirkja Church

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Strandakirkja is located in Selvogur, on the southern coast of Iceland. 

The church was originally built in the 12th century by sailors that got into trouble at sea, they prayed to God for a safe return and vowed to build a church if they would survive. 

Distances from Strandarkirkja Church

It takes approximately 1 hr. 15 min to drive from Hotel Rangá to Strandarkirkja. 

It takes approximately 1 hr. to drive from Hotel Rangá to Strandarkirkja. 

It takes approximately 40 min to drive from the Blue Lagoon to Strandarkirkja. 

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