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Hellnahellir cave is a unique cave located in south Iceland near Landsveit. At 200 square meters in size, Hellnahellir is actually the biggest man-made cave in Iceland. The cave is 50 m (164 ft) long and 11 m (36 ft) underground. Furthermore, the earliest mention of Hellnahellir can be found in manuscripts dating back to 1332. The cave is well-known for its special acoustics and fascinating history. Over the years, the cave has been used for many purposes including as a home for both humans and livestock and as a storage area. It is thought that Irish monks called Papar might have built the Hellnahellir cave. In more modern times, the cave has been opened up for concerts, weddings and tours. It is possible to book a tour of Hellnahellir cave – please contact the Hotel Rangá reception if you wish to book a tour.

FAQ about man-made cave: Hellnahellir

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Hellnahellir cave is located just off road 26,  about 36 km (22 miles) from Hotel Rangá. Visitors to Hellnahellir cave must book a tour in advance.

Hellnahellir is Iceland’s largest man-made cave. Visitors enter the cave through a secret doorway and descend deep underneath the earth. The cave’s walls are covered in engravings which cannot be dated. It is fascinating to wonder who could have lived in this unique structure. 

Hellnahellir cave is open to visitors only by arrangement. Please contact the Hotel Rangá reception for more information.

Distances from man-made cave: Hellnahellir

It takes approximately 30 minutes to drive from Hotel Rangá to Hellnahellir cave. 

It takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to drive from Reykjavík to Hellnahellir cave. 

Places close to Man-made Cave: Hellnahellir

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