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Lakagígar craters

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Lakagígar, are a part of Skaftafell National Park. The area contains some of the world’s most remarkable geological formations while the plant and animal life is also of special interest. The Lakagígar eruption 1783 was the largest eruption since the settlement of Iceland and the accompanying lava flow (Eldhraun) was the third largest on earth since the last ice age.

FAQ Lakagígar Craters

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Lakagígar Craters is a row of about 135 craters formed in Iceland´s largest eruption in 1783 and they are a part of Vatnajökull National park

They are only accessible during summer months from June till August but like many things in Iceland it depends on the weather!

Distances from Lakagígar Craters

They are located in the south of Iceland about 64 km / 40 miles from the town of Kirkjubæjarklaustur

The road to Lakagígar is a gravel  F-road and therefore a 4WD jeep is a must

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