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Kerið Crater

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On The Golden Circle tour and just by Skálholt, there is a group of craters, including the 55 m deep explosion crater Kerið that contains a small green lake. This crater is a result of an old explosion crater in the Grímsnes region about 3000 years ago. It is now filled with water, creating a lake whose steep circular slopes resemble an ancient amphitheatre. Indeed, once a rock concert was held on a floating raft on the lake, with the audience standing in a circle around it. You can even walk down to the beautiful blue water and get a closer look at the incredible natural phenomenon.

FAQ about Kerið Crater

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Yes! The Kerið crater is just off road no 35 and is accessible all year round, depending on the weather of course.

This volcanic crater lake is located in the Grímsnes area not far from the city of Selfoss on the Golden Circle route

Distances from Kerið Crater

Kerið is in Grímsnes area, near Selfoss, approximately 70 km / 44 miles from Reykjavík and it takes about 1 hour drive

It is located about 45 minutes away from Hotel Rangá on the Golden Circle

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