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Hotel Rangá's Asia Suite with decor and artwork from Japan.

Hotel Rangá’s Asia Suite

While seven of the eight suites at Hotel Rangá are themed after the seven continents, some of the suites are primarily influenced by particular countries. Hotelier Friðrik Pálsson says China was an alluring choice for the Asian Suite but he also found Japan tempting since he had spent some time in the country. The suite became more and more Japanese during the design process until it eventually became the haven it is today.


The Asia suite at Hotel Rangá is inspired by Japanees design.
The Asia suite at our hotel is inspired by Japan. Photo by Ingibjörg Friðriksdóttir.

Authentic luxury in Hotel Rangá’s Asia Suite

We love little luxury details like these decorations in Hotel Rangá’s Asia suite. Look overhead as you stand in the Asia Suite and you will see a gorgeous wooden ceiling with intricate details.  “It’s probably the most authentic suite of them all,” Friðrik says. “It was particularly enjoyable to make the ceiling. The design is over 4000 years old and is still in use Japan today.”

Hotel Rangá’s Asia suite also features traditional Tatami mats and rice paper doors. There’s a dining table based on the Japanese kotatsu tables and the bathroom is also built under a modern Japanese influence. In fact, the wooden bathtub is inspired by a traditional Japanese ofuro bathtub. This tub is higher than a western bathtub and is meant to be used as a soaking tub. Guests can comfortably sit and relax in the tub and imagine they are for a moment in Japan.

A modern Japanese bathroom

The bathroom in Hotel Rangá's Asia Suite.
The bathroom in Hotel Rangá’s Asia Suite.

The only truly non-Japanese element in Hotel Rangá’s Asia Suite is the bed. Our comfortable mattress replaces the more traditional shiki futon for a more luxurious night’s sleep. Our Japanese guests say that the suite is in fact very authentic except for its size. In Japan, a room of this size would typically house a family of four!

Hotel Rangá's Asia Suite.
The only truly non-Japanese element is the bed, which replaces the more traditional shiki futon for a more luxurious night’s sleep.

The Asia Suite is the perfect place for those looking for a bit of luxury with an East-Asian minimalist touch. If you would like further information about our Asia Suite we recommend our page about our Junior Suites. There you can also find a virtual tour of the Australian Suite.

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