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Fat bike Adventure Tours in Iceland

Explore the highs and lows of Southern Iceland where no terrain is too rough and no route too challenging. Photo by Midgard Adventure Iceland has long been a top destination for mountain bikers who love the unexpected thrills this unforgiving land can present, but now it seems that Fat Bikes are taking Iceland by storm.
A man on a fat bike in snow in Iceland
Fat biking tour in Iceland

Built to cope with the most extreme conditions these chubby wheeled monsters are proving a massive hit with hardier travelers or for those seeking an adrenaline fueled biking adventure. Capable of riding through ice, snow, sand, dust, lava, mud and water, these robust all-weather bikes are proving a hit throughout the year. On a fat bike, riders can scale volcanoes, cross black sand beaches, traverse frozen rivers, bounce over lava meadows and push themselves to the limit.

Of course with Iceland’s sensitive Ecosystem you must respect the environment and stick to one of the many tracks which are mapped out for bikers and hikers.

You can book your adventure in the Hotel Rangá reception, through our contact form, or by email at [email protected]


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