Donation to the Rescue teams in the area - Hotel Rangá

Donation to the Rescue teams in the area

Tipping has never been in tradition in Iceland. However, tipping is a tradition in other parts of the world and in some countries, it is almost the only wages that restaurant employees get for their work. With increased tourism, we have become aware that our guests tip employees in various fields connected to the travel industry. On the other hand, we have noticed that in the United States, for example, where restaurant wages are usually low, people are trying to put a stop to this custom and instead increasing salaries.
The Hotel Rangá team with the rescue teams of Hella and Hvolsvöllur villages
The Hotel Rangá team with the rescue teams of Hella and Hvolsvöllur villages

We here at Hotel Rangá decided two years ago that we would not accept tips. However, we tell our guests that if they are happy with our service, they are welcome to help the local Search and Rescue teams in the area by donating some money.

We have gotten very positive feedback. The support from our guests has now reach two million ISK (around 15.800 Euros), and yesterday, on the 8th of February, we presented two rescue teams in the area with a million ISK (around 7900 Euros) each. The picture above is from this event.

Since the staff at Hotel Rangá stopped accepting tips, the team as given 2,4 million ISK (around 19.100 Euros) in total to the rescue teams.


To draw attention to this decision we include this small note in our menu:
Dear guest,

In various parts of the world, tips are commonly paid to waiters and other personnel at hospitality and service companies.

This has not been the case in Iceland as the wages of a restaurant, hotel and other hospitality personnel are included in the price of the services. We know, however, that some of our honored guests wish to express their appreciation to our devoted staff for their good service by making special extra payments, tips, to them.

We, the personnel at Hotel Rangá, appreciate your thought and are happy to accept your contributions, but not for us personally. Instead, we will forward them directly to the search and rescue teams in the area, in support of their important mission. Search and rescuers in Iceland are volunteers whom we wholeheartedly support.


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