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Swimsuits Fit for Icelandic Nature

Letting one’s worries fade away in the warm water is a time-honored tradition in Iceland. It dates back hundreds of years – maybe even to the first settlers – as there are plenty of natural pools around. The hot tubs at Hotel Rangá are perfect for some well-deserved relaxation following a day of adventures in the South of Iceland. On clear nights, you can lean back and enjoy the starry night sky – if you are lucky you might even see the aurora dancing above you.
Hótel Rangá now offers swimsuits and trunks, made by Icelandic label Secret of Iceland
Of course, for such an occasion you need to be dressed appropriately.

The Story of Hrammur the Polar Bear

One of Hotel Rangá’s most popular staff members and certainly the fuzziest is Hrammur the resident polar bear. Hrammur, who’s originally from Greenland, has the special role of greeting each and every one of Hotel Rangá’s visitors as they enter into the lobby.
Hrammur means “paw” in Icelandic, he stands with his two front paws and huge grin in Hotel Rangá’s lobby
He´s not shy, but he is quiet, so we asked hotelier Friðrik Pálsson to share the story of how Hrammur came to live at Hotel Rangá. It all started with a visit to Manuel’s Taxidermy Parlor on the outskirts of Reykjavik.

The Antarctica Suite – A futuristic Ice Cave

Following the success of Hotel Rangá’s Royal Suite back in 2006, hotelier Friðrik Pálsson, his fellow owners and staff realized guests wanted a wider selection of luxury accommodation. After deciding to build seven more they settled on a theme: The Continents.

Immersed in Creativity

Iceland is a renowned destination for artists who travel from the distant corners of the globe to experience this unique island’s exceptional beauty. Over time, Hotel Rangá has become popular with artists who draw, paint, photograph and capture the essence of Iceland in various creative forms. Within the hotel you will find a private collection of art which includes the work of ceramicists, sculptors, textile designers, artists, photographers and artisans.

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