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Iceland in 2021 – Covid Measures

A new year is here with even more options for safe travel to Iceland. Our country’s beautiful landscape is the perfect place to explore after a year spent indoors.

We are looking forward to welcoming travelers to Hotel Rangá in 2021 – below you can find more information about your options for visiting Iceland at this time. The covid-19 data information in this blog post updates everyday at 11am.

The Writings on the Walls

One of Hotel Rangá’s main features are the unique wall paintings in every room, created by Icelandic artists to represent different aspects of Iceland, it’s nature and it’s history. Guests often have questions about the paintings, especially the ones in Room #4 and Room #9.

Recipe: Cured Salmon

Sitrus Cured Salmon is one of 18 different types of salmon we serve at our Christmas buffet
‘Tis the season to eat your weight in festive food and the best way to do just that at Hotel Rangá is to attend the Scandinavian Christmas buffet. There are over 80 dishes included in the buffet and according to head chef Bragi Þór Hansson, 12 of those are different types of cured salmon.

Good Health & Skál

Iceland’s extreme weather conditions and dark winter months often call for a little ‘reviver’. After many chilly hours working outdoors or traveling long distances across the challenging terrain, Icelanders like nothing better than a warming pick-me-up.

7 helpful Icelandic Phrases for your travel

Icelandic is a difficult language to learn. Even us Icelanders have a hard time what with all the conjugating and exceptions to the rules. We don’t expect our foreign guests to pick up on much at all and there is really no need since most Icelanders speak English fluently. Nevertheless, Icelanders really appreciate it when people make an effort so here are a few simple Icelandic words and phrases to throw around.

Summer Festivals in Iceland: Rangá Recommends August 2019

August in Iceland is a great time to savor the last days of the summer season, and there are numerous festivals around the country to help you do just that. We love helping our guests to go off the beaten path—heading to a local festival is the perfect way to experience authentic Icelandic culture. Pick a festival that suits your style and soon you will be feasting on traditional meat soup, listening to an amazing outdoor concert or watching fireworks with hundreds of other merrymakers.

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