A Romantic Getaway at Hotel Rangá - Hotel Rangá - Luxury Resort

A Romantic Getaway at Hotel Rangá

Icelandic social media stars Tanja Ýr and Egill Fannar love traveling the world. They count Morocco and the Italian Riviera among their favorite spots but when it comes to finding destinations off the beaten path they’ve found there’s no place like home.

“For us, it’s incredible to have all this nature and hidden gems in our backyard,” Tanja says.

“We love being able to jump out and have adventures – be it a few minutes from Reykjavik or for weekend getaways.”

For one such getaway in September, they drove down to Hotel Rangá for a romantic weekend in the South America suite.



„It was probably among the most amazing [hotel rooms] we have seen here in Iceland,” Tanja says, specifically mentioning how welcoming the bed looked and a mirror that was perfect for her elaborate makeup routine.

They got to the hotel on a Friday night following a long work week and spent the evening winding down with cocktails, a cheese plate while playing cards. The morning after, it was time for some adventures in the Icelandic highlands.

Originally they had planned on a relaxing weekend but Egill says they decided on booking a last-minute day trip to Þórsmörk Nature Reserve through the hotel’s front desk.


Tanja Ýr and Egill enjoying the view Þórsmörk valley

“Neither of us had been to Þórsmörk since we were kids,” he says. “The trip was incredible and I think this is the first time I managed to drag Tanja with me on a hike since we met – and she loved it! Þórsmörk is simply like no other.”

Tanja’s hiking experience almost got to a rocky start though. As she was leaving the hotel, she realized she forgot her hiking boots at home.

“In a fit of optimism, I decided to ask the girls in the lobby if anyone had extra shoes just when Friðrik, the owner of the hotel, was walking by,” she says. “He found me an extra pair of boots from his own closet – talk about saving the day!”


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“An incredibly romantic night”


Following a day of fresh air and exercise in the Icelandic nature, the couple took a quick nap back at the hotel before dinner at Rangá Restaurant.


Tanja ordered the langoustine with toasted bread, garlic, dill mayonnaise and herbs


Tanja had the langoustine with toasted bread, garlic, dill mayonnaise, and herbs while Egill enjoyed an appetizer of reindeer carpaccio and the arctic char as for his entrée. For dessert, they shared a chocolate brownie with chili & chocolate ganache, honey oats, and ice cream, Tanja’s favorite.

After, she “kicked Egill’s butt” playing pool. “We had an incredibly romantic night,” Tanja says, adding that the breakfast in bed the following day was also spectacularly romantic and a true high point of their stay.



All in all, they describe their weekend at Hotel Rangá as absolutely magnificent and recommend that guests take advantage of its location, which is perfect for exploring the south coast of Iceland and of course Þórsmörk.

“It was very romantic and the perfect relaxation/adventure vacation.”

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