June 19, 2019 - Hotel Rangá

Day: June 19, 2019

The Story of Hrammur the Polar Bear

One of Hotel Rangá’s most popular staff members and certainly the fuzziest is Hrammur the resident polar bear. Hrammur, who’s originally from Greenland, has the special role of greeting each and every one of Hotel Rangá’s visitors as they enter into the lobby.
Hrammur means “paw” in Icelandic, he stands with his two front paws and huge grin in Hotel Rangá’s lobby
He´s not shy, but he is quiet, so we asked hotelier Friðrik Pálsson to share the story of how Hrammur came to live at Hotel Rangá. It all started with a visit to Manuel’s Taxidermy Parlor on the outskirts of Reykjavik.

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